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I could never have done it without you

When I was plunged into the scary world of uncontrolled asthma, I discovered this forum -- I discovered the awesome people on this forum! During the nights when I struggled to breathe, I read your posts and took heart that there were others like me and I wasn't alone. I took your advice to rest, to be patient, to take my meds, to keep hoping, to keep laughing, that things would get better. Eight weeks in, and things are better. Finally! I owe you all a big thank you! I think the turning point for me was the increased dose of Symbicort. although -- yes, you can laugh -- it may have been the braunschweiger sandwiches. I was so weak all the time and I read that pernicious anemia can cause breathlessness (although mine was so much worse than simple breathlessness!) But because I was so weak all the time, I started eating a liverwurst/braunschweiger sandwich every day. Did that bring up my B12 and iron levels? Like I said, probably the Symbicort .... My asthma symptoms are 90 percent gone. I still get short of breath shortly upon waking up in the morning, and I use Ventolin then, but my peak flows are going up. I have a doctor appt. tomorrow. I love you guys. Dina

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Good for you! Sleep, exercise, fitness, eating healthy, positive outlook and of course trigger reduction - all these things help you stay healthy. Also learning a slow breathing exercise can help during an attack.


Yes, I've been working on my breathing, too, just like everyone encouraged me to do. It does help!


As an old bid I was diagnosed with this pesky thing people on this site just picked me up got me back on my feet got me living again they are magical ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


Yes, they are magical!

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