Anyone use montelukast/singulair?

I'm interested in finding out more about leukotriene modifiers.


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  • Hi, I'm on montelukast. The first time I was put on it it didn't help at all so I came off it. This time however it has definitely improved things. I can walk further, faster now. I had a few vivid dreams at first, but they've stopped now. Hope that helps.

  • Yeah I have been on it for years it really helps me

  • Thanks. Are you also on inhalers?

  • Yes, I'm on Symbicort & I also take a Cetirizine (anti-histamine) everyday.

  • Hi, I have been on Montelukast for 3 years now. It's worked really well for me. It's made a big difference in getting much better control of my Asthma. It was added on to my other existing Asthma meds which I continued to take along side this. I haven't really noticed an side affects from the Montelukast, unlike my other meds. Side affects can be very individual from one person to the next though. x

  • My son is on Singulair, it helps a lot and no side effects. I took it for a few days and had very vivid nightmares, so didn't continue.

  • Hi, I've been taking montelukadt for 18 months now along side spiriva respimat and symbicort. I've noticed a huge improvement in my asthma, although I need to take an antihistamine at the same time because it brings me out in hives! I've also noticed a remarkable improvement in my hay fever (I was taking 3 antihistamines a day previously and it was ruling my life!)

    Hope this is of use?

  • I'm also on Singulair and find it very good.

  • Thank you for everyone's replies. I suppose I was hoping that someone was using it instead of inhaled steroids.....I'm glad it has helped out for you though.

  • When I started to take Montelukast, my doctor that said if I came of steroids & the other inhalers i was taking, Montelukast (& Ventolin) alone would not be enough to control my Asthma. Hope you find a solution that works x

  • hi am on montelukast also does wonders for my chest and allergies no side effects what's so ever 👌

  • Hi Sarajane, do you take anything else for your asthma?

  • Yeh fostair xx

  • I did try motelukcast about 4 years ago for some reason it did t agree with me. I became very quiet and had the feeling of not wanting to talk with people and put me in a bad mood. It did help mind. Iv recently had my inhalers changed from seritide to symbicort and tiotropium respimat. I'm thinking of giving it ago again as dust mites are my main cause of flare up.

    Thanks Dean

  • I'm on it too. However, the Dosage / Strength of my Fostair Inhaler was increased at the same time and it's not clear to me which of those med changes the benefits are coming from (maybe both). As symptoms can also change with the passage of time, knowing what Meds or other factors to attribute improvements too is difficult, especially if you're taking more than one med.

  • Hi. I'm on montelukast, with Seretide 250 and Bricanyl as reliever. One of my triggers are household perfumes etc. Dr said if it worked might reduce steroid dose. It did reduce effect of perfumes but taking it almost two years now and no sign of reducing steroids. I had a very good month and without consultation with GP (sorry!) I halved my Seretide dose. Two weeks later I was back at GPS because asthma creeping back! He said a month without symptoms not long enough. Three months and might consider. Anyway it's taking so long, six weeks so far, to improve my asthma I really do wish I'd never tried to reduce steroids! Btw it took me about a month or more to settle to montelukast....disturbed sleep, vivid dreams, uncomfortable mental feelings but abs fine now and triggers not so sensitive.

  • Hi. I have tried Montelukast on a couple of occasions but have given up each time: headaches, bad dreams and very irritable. I saw a consultant some months ago who put me back on it again together with Fostair. I did not start the Montelukast and have recently had to come off Fostair as it was doing no good, I was using my Ventolin every day and also coming out in a rash. Given my earlier difficulties with Montelukast I don't want to use it again. It seems to work for some people but I prefer to try and manage without it.

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