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Severe Persistent Asthma Stinks

Hi everyone,

I had asthma as a child but since I I turned 50 I have been battling controlling my asthma. I have been back and forth to the doctor and hospital. I feel like a guinea pig with the different steroid inhalers. I have had infections and cough with and without mucus. Throat irritation, bone pain and depression from the side affects and now even a rash from a inhaler. I am trying to figure out how to control my asthma.


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Oh I wish I had a magic formula for you! The awfulness of knowing that all these different treatments are initially just trial and error is very depressing. However, if you can find a way not to let this get to you, (possible in theory...) and find ways to relax, control your breathing with exercises and so on, it does help. If you can fix a definite time in the day to be undisturbed and relax, perhaps with music, perhaps with a relaxation CD, you should find you begin to get some control over how you feel. The idea is to help you cope with this horrible condition as sadly, nothing cures it.

Needs a lot of determination to stick to, but you might give it a try.


Thanks!! I really appreciate your response I give it a try. I let you know if it helps.


There is no alternative you just need to keep trying different things. Don't forget about trigger reduction, that's a big part of it. Let us know if you want some help switching medications, this board is pretty good for that.


Thanks, I am in the process of doing so now.


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