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Heart issues - update

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern after my post the other day about my heart.

I saw the GP today & she told me there are a number of minor problems - a mix of leaky valves & enlarged bits. It's nothing immediately to worry about but more tests to be done & a possible cardiologist referral. Interestingly though, she did say that some of the trouble is probably connected to my long-term lung problems. The low heart-rate is a separate issue that she will test as well.

Anyway, I'm a bit stressed trying to see what Dr. Google makes of it all, but I think fortunately there are no major immediate issues.

Thanks all :)

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Do remember that although Dr Google is very helpful it can leave you shaking with fear. When I was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis earlier this year, I went straight to Dr Google and the first thing that came up was that after diagnosis the average life span is 7 years!!!!, On doing more research, this is definitely not the case, but super scary to think I had a life limiting condition.

Good news, that nothing super serious came up.


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Yes it's funny that. When I was first referred to the consultant about 3 years ago because my asthma was deteriorating, at the initial discussion the registrar suggested I might have bronchiectasis. I think I found the very same website when I got home!!

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