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Cough Variant Asthma


My 3 (nearly 4) year old daughter has been diagnosed with asthma with symptoms originating from bronchialitis aged 9 weeks. Following a recent heavy cold she suffered a subsequent asthma attack and trip to a&e (low sats, high temp and heartrate of over 160). She is now waking at 4am every morning with outward signs of asthma (persistent non-productive cough) with normal sats of 97 and normal heart rate. After some research we have realised that this has become CVA.

We are trying breathing techniques that help her but at 3 years old, this can be difficult when she starts to panic and can't overcome her cough. We are giving her sabutamol inhaler although her sats are fine; we are unsure whether this is being beneficial.

Does anyone have any techniques/treatments for young children that they know to work?

As well as sabtamol reliever, she is also on montelukaust powders, clenil inhaler (2 puffs morning and night) and citirizine antihistimine.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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I have found with my daughter when she struggles with her asthma at night and particularly a cough I give 4 puffs of salbutamol then try a few distraction techniques so asking the to touch her nose, counting her toes. Sometimes if she isn't too breathless just walking down stairs and back up again. Anything to distract from the cough helps. Usually once we have done this the salbutamol has kicked in and things are calmer. Xx


I completely agree that distraction is your best friend in this situation! My son (grown-up now) had serious problems with asthma as a child. His first love was, is & no doubt always will be football, so we used to stick on a video (yes, it was that long ago) of his choice, which would normally be football-related & just sit with him to watch it, talk about it, engage in it with him, etc. Although this obviously didn't cure his problem, it was always a good way of calming him down when things got really bad.


When there is a cough... Please also try to confirm if there frequent non productive is some sort of Rhinitis or nasal congestion. The dripping of mucus at the back of the nose into throat can cause irritation of airway and lead to coughing.


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