Best places to go on holiday for asthma & hay fever sufferer

Having been to Majorca recently & couldn't cope with humidity & heat 30c could anyone please recommend holidays that are good for asthma & hay fever sufferer next summer (Aug) planning ahead a bit but love going away!


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  • Canada without a doubt. More than one GP and the nurse has suggested to one of my daughters who suffers with it and me, that we consider moving there. This was years ago, we now live by the sea in South West England and always feel better going for evening walks. I found a week in Spain terrible for asthma, so claustrophobic, will never go back the air was so dry I stayed in the hotel by the pool most of the time. Which was ok because it was all inclusive. But yes if you want a little more adventure and to explore i would definitely recommend Canada the air is the purest in the world I've been told. Other suggestions The Greek Islands especially Xante, not too hot but still has the beauty. Probably Venice, lots of water and moderate temperature, Check humidity in different countries on a weather app. Hope you find the ideal holiday location, You may even get a break from your symptoms whilst there, :-)

  • Well to be honest I wouldn't go to any European hotspots in August! You would be a lot better off going in September/October when temperatures are cooler. Sea air is good for lungs so I would holiday right by the sea.

  • In the past I have found going to Austria to the alps have been ideal for me, the pure mountain air helped me lots.

  • If Canada is good, then perhaps also the Scandinavian countries? And perhaps Shetland, Orkneys, Faeroes and Faer Isles?

    Last year we went to Spain early September and outside temperatures reached 42 degrees Celsius. So aim for later September.

  • Cruising. The ship is a controlled environment and you can go ashore on the days you feel able to and on those you can't it's still nice to sit and look at the surrounds. Cruises also go almost everywhere nowadays so you can pick somewhere not so hot and humid.

  • Elieve it or not I was so ill with my asthma in the U.K. I knew I had to move. The only place I love is USA so yep we moved to Florida one of the hottest most humid countries. At the moment I'm ok and will have to see how I go. I find warm air better for my asthma. The cold in the U.K. Which I thought was good gave me pneumonia 3 time in 2 years so fingers x this is better.

    Everyone is different so see what works for you. Good luck x

  • Thanks for your replies ladies, that should keep me busy for a few years!!

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