Quick Question. I have severe Asthma and ABPA - fungal Infection. Does anyone else feel lonely at times and anxious about their condition and how to cope with it. Would like to talk with others that feel lonely. Maybe we can support each other!!!!


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  • I do feel lonely from time to time but I don't get anxious about my asthma.

  • I too feel lonely at times with asthma & hay fever, I have to stay inside a lot whilst everyone else is out enjoying life 😔that's why I'm getting a dog, with little legs😀

  • I'm with you on the loneliness front. At times getting out and doing things is hard (I have severe asthma too) sometimes my husband will take the kids out to give me time to rest but it is so lonely at times. Xx

  • Well we are here for each other, no need to feel lonely. Enjoy some music. I found some years ago radioace/smoothjazz. Try online to listen to it, it's very relaxing.

  • Funny you say that I do listen to a lot more music than I ever used to. It does help x

  • Loneliness is a terrible thing .

    Half the world is lonely for all sorts of reasons .

    Surely there must be lots of on line forums for lonely people ?

    Personally , I was put into a situation when I was young where I was very isolated and lonely . Now I do not need other people so it doesn't bother me at all .

    As far as illness goes , learn to manage it so that you have confidence that you will be alright should you have an attack .

  • Thanks for all your replies. Although I have severe Asthma - I am keeping well and only have problems when I have a flare up. I can manage my conditions and only get lonely because of my situation. I do listen to music. Watch tv and meet up with friends.

  • The great majority of us need a social life. I find the best way is to join whatever group interests you and go when you can. Keep busy especially doing things for other people. Loneliness makes you dwell on your problems and you really don't need to do that! Being ill is a very lonely thing in itself. The more people you know, the more likely you are to get visitors when you are not well and that helps cheer you up, so look at your talents and see how you can make them work for others. As I am allergic to dogs, that was not the answer for me, but walking a dog helps people take exercise and there are always other dog walkers to talk to.


  • I was wondering if playing an instrument helps with dealing with loneliness. To keep the mind busy.

  • Same here, although I have work colleagues and friends, sometimes it is difficult to explain to someone how you feel, that you can't always join in. Sometimes if you don't join in some people stop asking.... I always encourage my friends to still invite me even if I can't physically do something. Sometimes I will make an effort and it is worth it...

  • Like you I do sometimes worry about my condition - particularly about how it may deteriorate in the future and not so much about how I will cope with it, but from a practical point of view in terms of being able to work and do some of the things that I still want to. I am trying to develop new interests that I can do particularly if I am not feeling well, but it is difficult. Normally, I find great solace in reading, but even this doesn't always seem to help. I try to just think about today and not tomorrow, but that's not always very easy. I can't give you any easy answers, but we asthmatics can at least support one another!

  • Forgot to say through excitement of getting a dog but I started up a community choir, I read that it's good for lung conditions & also helps you feel less isolated. I asked on local FB if anyone was interested in joining a choir & had a lot of interest then kept advertising for a choir leader. Eventually one was found in Feb, we are having our 1st concert in few months for family & friends!

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