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Any advice much appreciated

Hello everyone, don't normally post as can always find answers reading through site. I am concerned about my son he is eleven, and has allergic asthma I try to get him to talk about his asthma, any concerns that he may have I can tell his illness is bothering him, but he won't. Open up to me. I think discussing any concerns or asking questions is a big part of understanding his asthma I'm really grateful for any advice please, Thank you in advance

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You haven't given me much to go on. When I was 11 I wasn't "concerned" about my asthma at all, it was just something you had to remember to do like packing the right sports kit for that day.

Why do you think he is concerned, and why are you worried? Does he take his preventers? Does he know what to do in emergency or asthma attack? If yes and yes maybe it's not a big deal to him.

Tell me more about what he's on, how severe his attacks have been, what allergens, maybe we can help....


Sorry took me 2hrs to try write the post tidy. He was diagnosed with asthma at 2yrs old, a few admissions to hospital in beginning but pretty much controlled up until 2yrs ago, after 15months of back and forth Dr's, asthma nurse, a consultant and getting nowhere we went private got a diagnosis of severe allergic asthma, allergies being, grass. Trees. Dustmen. Also allergic rhinitis it was quite a bit to take in, he is now. On symbiotic 100/6 venting evohaler if needed a avamys nasal spray, latoradine, He can't. Go out to play like his friends can't go swimming allergic to chlorine sometimes I watch him and he seems to be in his own world unless it's me over reacting


Hi im sorry your son is going thru emotions, i have been there only diagnosed with rhinitis at 13yrs after a dr sent me to an ENT. Im on exactly the same medication, encourage him to take the pills daily and his day will b better, i knw its hard, allergic asthma is every minute struggle, anything can trigger it. He can find something to do with friends besides swimming, my dr recently allowed me to try things that im allergic to slowly. I knw its hard i ve been there. Just support him, if there is something he likes and cant eat or do try replacing it

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So when you say he can't go out to play, can you explain more? Why would that be, other than the chlorine issue? Symbicort 100/6 is (in my opinion) a moderate amount if that is the only thing he is on (other than rescue Ventolin which everyone has). When last was he on prednisilone?

I feel terrible you got such bad care ... but welcome to the club! I just got back from a new doctor, plunked down my asthma action plan, and she says she never seen one before. At first she seemed a bit horrified, but then half way through she says "actually this is pretty good it lists all your allergies nicely".

But we are here to help, tell us more and I think there are solutions.

I do think it's important to discuss the situation as it affects you, for his sake.


What is it you are expecting him to say ?

Presumably he is receiving treatment and quite possibly that's the end of the the matter as far as he is concerned .


He may or may not want to discuss things. But when I was his age the last people I wanted to discuss things with were my parents!! He may talk to teachers or friends about things. Best you can do is make sure that he knows he can talk with you but don't necessarily expect him to!

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Thanks for your support guy's x


Hi Helenlou111

There's some information on our site about talking to your son about his asthma and a quiz that you could do with him to gauge how he's feeling and any steps he might be able to take.

Some parents tell us they can find it hard to trust their children to care for their own asthma when they are out of their sight. It's natural that you feel worried about letting your son do certain things for himself, you’re not alone in finding ways to support him to cope on his own and there are a few stories on the site that might be helpful to read.

Hope that helps,



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