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Breathlessness and more


I've been breathless on and off for over a month. I have asthma but this is well controlled and I don't feel like this is asthma. I've had asthma since I was 5 and I'm 65 now. I'm not overweight don't smoke don't drink and am a vegan.

With the breathlessness it just comes on even if I'm doing nothing it is awful and my voice goes hoarse and my throat gets tight. I also get a slight pain under my left armpit - chest area. I don't wheeze just can't talk without losing gasping. I also get phlegm in my mouth even if I don't cough. I get very hot sometimes but no high temperature. This is unlike anything I've had before.

I've been on prednisolone for 5 days but this just made me feel worse.

I really don't know what to do or think.

I've seen my GP a few times and had bloods taken which came back normal...

Any tips or suggestions very gratefully received.


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I must add that my peak flow is it's usual 350 - 400. D


Hi there sorry you are not feeling well. As you've had asthma for such a long time and your peak flow is fairly normal maybe there is something else going on?

Perhaps you need to go back to your doctor and make sure your heart etc is okay. My brother in law who was a doctor died of a heart attack when he thought his breathlessness was his asthma playing up and didn't bother to go get it checked out.

Lungs and heart work together so better be safe than sorry. Also you could have a low grade chest infection and a course of antibiotics might help.

Sorry to be gloomy. Let us know how you get on.



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Sorry you're having a tough time it sounds like it could be a chest infection That's how I've felt for 4 weeks and was told I have pneumonia defo go back to the docs and ask them to do a chest X-ray just to rule it out hope you are feeling better soon. Amy xx

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I had similar to you and have always had asthma. . At age 56 ( now61)I had symptons which I knew were not asthma despite GP assuming they were. I insisted on heart check up and......... . It was my heart. In my case had an arrhythmia which has now been sorted and I have been back to normal since then( 5 years ago) .please don't be too frightened to ask for heart checks. I did and am absolutely fine now.

Not saying you are the same as me but no harm in getting it checked out ?

Hope this helps.


Hi David,

Sorry to hear you've been feeling so breathless. It may be useful to talk through your asthma management with one of our asthma nurses on the helpline bit.ly/asthmacall. Please feel free to give us a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Take care,


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Thank you all. I saw my emergency GP a few days ago and she has booked me in for an X Ray and follow ups. The X Ray department have just called and given me an "open access" appt.

I have had a series of blood tests and a heart trace and that all came back normal.

My cholesterol is fine, no diabetes, no kidney problems..

I hope this gets dealt with and I can get back to being my normal jolly self


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