So I just went to pick up my prescription, was the last one due before a medication review. I've got home to find it's been switched to surdupila and I have 5 more months before it needs reviewing. I get that this brand is probably much cheaper, but how about I have a med review and then tell me 'by the way were giving you the cheaper one'.

Has anyone been switched? Could I notice a difference or is it identical?


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  • Hi yes I had that happen to me and I failed the debate with my gp. They switched me to sirdupla from seretide because the cost of seretide was around £90 and this generic version is cheaper and apparently the same quality 😔

  • Did you notice a difference at all? I get the saving money part but a little heads up might have been nice plus the opportunity for a med review first 😣

  • At First I really liked the lack of white powder and the fact my spacer device was not coated in it was a major plussevere point. However only recently I have started to have spontaneous asthma attacks. I do have histamine intolerance and a nut allergy so im not sure if that was due to something i ate or if this is not preventing enough. I know that Seretide works but im not willing to leave this medicine as it helped me out of a severe flare up.

    Just not sure i will ever get it swapped back as its a price tag issue and i cannot completely say its not working as i have multiple triggers.

  • Sirdupla (salmeterol/fluticasone) is a bioequivalent alternative to Seretide Evohaler.

  • Thank you, that's really useful 😊

  • i have that with my ventolin i can only tolerate the brand glaxo i just kept complaining to my doctor until they changed it. Go back to your doctors you dont want cheap meds... they dont work seretide is 90.00 for a reason! its good!

  • No its £90 because that's the price the company charges the NHS, compare the ingredients, if you had started off on the cheaper drugs you would probably be reluctant to move to the other.

  • The counter is so poor quality it's not accurate suddenly you will go from 29 to 20 then it's empty..I had an asthma attack last night and just saw it's at 12 from it being 20. Now pressed it and it's actually empty.

  • I will be at this in mind, I rely on the counter!! I'm not convinced it always dispenses if I'm honest. I dobt use a spacer so can't see. The taste is quite distinctive but I don't always get it which leads me to believe it hasn't dispensed despite the counter going down by one.

  • I'm really not sure what to do with this as it could just be a faulty device.. but maybe i need to keep an eye on it.

  • HI Weezer,

    I suggest you scritly follow the instructions on how to dispense the drug.Go back and read the literature again. l think this may help you not to lose any of your unused dosage.

  • Hi Janet thank you for the advice it was a faulty device I saw my gp in the end and he agreed the device was faulty actually was totally empty but showing 10. He gave me a prescription for 2 one to use and 1 keep if it ever happened again. Did say he would report to manufacturers..I'd rather be switched to seretide but oh well

  • Hi Weezer,


    That's a good remedy from your gp.

    l also have started using Seretide. l think it's a good drug which you can switch back to. Wishing you good health always.

  • I was originally on seretide and switched over (due to costs) now I'm aware of this fault anymore blips and if I spot the counter issue I'm going to ask for a swap back im not risking a flare up!

  • That's a good decision Wheezer.

    You can get the brand of Seretide made in France by Glaxo Welcome will save you some pound sterlings without sacrificing the quality of ýour Seretide.

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