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Smoking and ashma

I work with alot of smokers. I have never smoked in my life, can this passive smoking affect my ashma

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Hi not sure I understand as smoking in the workplace is banned. If it is outdoors then if it was going to affect you it would have by now surely?

It is never a good idea for an asthmatic to be in close proximity to smokers.


They smoke outside. I am managing a restaurant, and stand by doors, even when they close it, the fumes still come through.


The law does say that smokers have to be a certain number of metres away from public buildings but everyone seems to ignore it. If you are the manager of the restaurant then look it up and enforce it is my advice.

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Thank you


I'm a nurse and I visit a lot patient's at home who smoke. Even if they aren't smoking during my visit the strong smell in their homes still triggers my asthma.


Absolutely. According to what I've read on this journey passive smoking can also be linked to COPD. I'm of an age (58) where everyone smoked everywhere, myself included, I've been stopped now for nearly 6yrs and find if I go somewhere that someone smokes I leave needing to take my reliever inhaler. Hope this helps x


Thx. What is COPD


It's Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease. It's a disease of the lungs usually, but not always caused by smoking. It has the same symptoms as Asthma and that's why often it's hard to tell the difference during a flare up. COPD is a progressive disease, but good diet and excersise can help slow that progression x


Hi Modave07

Anyone with asthma or other conditions affecting the lungs is likely to find second-hand smoke can be a trigger. This is because the chemicals in tobacco smoke irritate the airways and the lungs and trigger asthma symptoms. There's more information on our website here:

Hope that helps,



In three words Yes,yes yes. Smoking is evil and it needs to be stopped. Please ban smoking everywhere and tax it highly to stop others from starting. Cigarette smoke is one of my most greatest triggers. I have to where a chemical face mask in the street so that I do not have an asthma attack. Push more governments to inforce penalties that make people give up this horrible habit. Give all of us who have asthma some clean air. Asthma Tim.


Definitely, yes. Smoke is one of my worst triggers and just being around someone who has had a smoke sets me off. So, sending people outside to smoke doesn't prevent them bringing smoke back in on their breath and clothing etc. I have left/ turned down jobs if there are any smokers there. I am not sure that these e-cig/vape things are any different. I have been at gigs where people have used them and it sets me off too. Pre-smoking ban my life was incredibly difficult and very socially restricted, now it is just tricky!

I would definitely like to see an end to smoking.



Yes it is affected when you stay in room where people are smoking

even in room where people smoking and left from that room and after any asthmatic patient enter room and stay so it also affected.


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