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Hospital admission pre holiday

Hi..just got out of hospital following a nasty very sudden onset asthma attack..this resulted in a magnesium infusion..fluids as I was shut down and a debate as to if I needed to go to ICU. I'm going on holiday next week to the med and I'm a bit nervous about it to be honest. Going to the gp on Wednesday should I ask for a just in case prescription of prednisolone? Any tips as to how to bounce back as I'm absolutely shattered now.

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Hi there, so sorry you have been so unwell. I would definitely make sure you take a course of Prednisolone with you, and probably antibiotics too. Also discuss with your GP when to take them. If you had such a bad attack your lungs are bound to be still inflamed. It is always best to be proactive with asthma rather than taking a wait and see approach. I would make sure that you have enough Ventolin too.

Although you should know that you can buy it over the counter in Spain.

I think a relaxing holiday should do you good. All that lovely vitamin d.

I hope you have wonderful trip



Hi Hollyjane

I had a quick chat with our nurses team and they said, it is very common to feel exhausted after such a severe asthma attack Rest and don't feel guilty about resting to recover. At your GP appointment you should expect:-

To complete an Asthma Control Test (questionnaire) to find out if you are recovering. If you are not fully well the GP will prescribe some more prednisolone. After an asthma attack it is recommended that the course of prednisolone prescribed is 40mg, eight tablets for five days or longer if needed, until full recovery.

Go through your asthma action plan to make sure you know how to recognise if you are getting worse and so that you know what action to take. Your GP may agree to give you prednisolone and have a chat about how to use this and include it in your asthma plan.

Consider your asthma triggers and your destination. If you are aware of possible triggers it will help you to prepare or in some cases avoid the triggers. This information could be included in your asthma plan and think about how to access medical care when you are on holiday. This will help you to know what to do and who to turn to if you are unwell and have a think about holiday insurance if needs be.

Hope that helps,



Hi Holly

Similar situation for me too. It's quite frightening isn't it?

However with a good management plan and clear goals with when to get help you should be fine.

Make sure you take everything you need including peak flow meter so you can catch a deterioration early.

I'm also wary about my holiday as we are in middle of nowhere.

I hope you continue to improve and have a fab holiday x


Thank you everyone.. gp gave me extra prednisolone..inhalher and oxygen levels back to normal..peak flow a bit lower but much better then it going to rest up (boss very understanding and gave me week off work..not that I have the energy to go in!) And enjoy it..luckily it's a cruise so doctor on board!


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