Back in a&e again πŸ˜’πŸ˜³πŸ™„

So I'm back sitting in a bay in a&e - resus side this time - I just love my lungs πŸ™„. 3rd time in since the 21st, 1st time the initial doc as realised that just giving me another neb is not going to help (esp as I have home nebs which I'll take 2 of before plus have been on pred since the 15th). Have had the pleasures of a hydrocortisone shot and a mag sulphate bag so far as well as a combi neb (sal/atrovent). Connected up to some noisy monitors cause of the mag 😳. Still wheezing but a lot better πŸ€—...

On a side note I have yet to be asked to do a PF... waiting in suspense for them to ask for one... at least I know I coming from 260/630. The last 3 trips no-one checked my initial PF... is this a new policy that anyone's aware of or is it just that I am special?

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  • They've finally decided to keep me in overnight...

  • I hope you start to feel better soon

  • Hope your ok. My local hospital can be very slack in checking peak flows. I quite often end up taking my own and just telling them. I was in a&e on Thursday in Shrewsbury (peak flow had dipped to 170 from 550) as we were on holiday and they were excellent. I think it is just luck of the draw. Very similar experience magnesium and back to back Nebs etc. They wanted to keep me in but managed to convince them I could control at home once I had had the magnesium. Hope your feeling better soon. Xx

  • I think some hospitals try to stabilise you a bit before they start the peak flows. Hope you are on the mend now, and that all the nebs have helped relieve some of the tightness so you can breathe a little easier.

  • Thanks. PF wise I've recently heard from multiple people (GP/paramedic/emergency nurses&docs) that no asthmatic wants to do one when their bad so there's little point doing it as it will be bad and possibly make breathing worse... it why I thought it was a new policy...

    Still needing 4hrly nebs so asthma nurse won't let me home (cause my home neb is meant to be for emergency relief not daily management). Feeling a lot better tho disappointed cause the doc was happy for me to leave... πŸ˜’πŸ˜…

  • Maybe you can go tomorrow. Better to be safe if still need them 4 hourly, though don't you go picking up any more nasty bugs whilst you are there.

  • Everyone's talking as if I'm getting released today so hopefully 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

    Got transferred to a surgical ward last night (as there were no free medical beds) and actually got some sleep - still saw every hour or so but no nebs needed after 10 o'clock so that's something!

    Had some major concerns when I first got transferred as they didn't know how to run a neb properly (o2 pressure to low to drive it) so was concerned if I did go downhill but my lungs behaved so it's all good!!!

    Luckily on a ward of patients on preventative antibiotics (from their surgeries) so hopefully I won't pick up anything from them (unlike last time I was on the resp ward).

    Still in the yellow zone (but near the green) so hoping that's enough for my AN to say I can go!

  • I am glad to hear the tightness is easing, and that you got some sleep. I have my fingers and toes crossed though sounds like you should make it to freedom today. Yep, Surgical Wards are an interesting place for people with bad Asthma, I find. Bet you are giving them the benefit of your experiences.

  • Yup. They're running on the premise that I know my condition better than they do so I'm currently basically running the show. Turned down the morning neb (in the hopes of release) and told them my AM meds (as 2 weren't on the chart but were on the list). Even had to explain why I was in (they thought I was waiting for new meds/a change in meds... nope just getting off of maintenance nebs...). Hope for an early visit from the resp team so I can get out asap! My lungs feel promising ATM at least 😊

  • Thanks for the replies everyone! Just seen the resp doc who's happy for me to go pending the approval of the asthma nurse (who literally just approved as I wrote this post!). Got really competitive on my PF and pushed it up to 600(/630) - coughing fit afterwards but hey 😁. Just waiting on Blood test results on theophylline levels! Looking forward to my own bed!!!

  • So my theophylline level is below therapeutic levels... however because they took my blood 1 hour after my meds not 4-6, this may be a false reading... I get to look forward to another BT in 2 weeks before they play with the dosage... feel like I've wasted a morning but at least I still get to go home!!!

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