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Thunder and lightening trigger?


Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok.

Today I'm recovering after a bad night of asthma. Usual asthma symptoms plus nettlerash and a bit of a swollen throat and face. Today I feel shattered, my chest muscles hurt, throat is still a little swollen the rash has gone, my skin is just very dry.

The only trigger I can think of is the thunder and lightening that we had late yesterday afternoon. I have been wheezy in stormy weather before but never had swelling and hivey skin from weather before. Is it possible or am I more likely to have eaten another thing that I have no idea I am allergic too?

Am hoping this is just a slightly bigger reaction to a trigger I've had before and not a new one.

Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

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It sounds more like an allergic reaction than asthma trigger.

Definitely seems more allergies but thunder not helping

Do you have any sort of fear/phobia or even mild nerves about thunderstorms? If so that might be what sparked it rather than the storm itself?

Hi Emily-g

If you're worried about it, you might want to give one of our asthma nurses a shout on Monday on 0300 222 5800. The line opens at 9am. It certainly sounds like an allergy but they'll be able to help you decide about following it up with your GP. Hope today is better for you!

I'm new to the website but I have had allergies and asthma for years and thunder storms can cause worsening allergic reactions to pollen. Apparently the irritant pollen particles are split into smaller fragments which are more likely to cause a reaction.

There was an article in the Independent newspaper about it 13th May 2017 -

I've certainly found that to be true. It's useful to have a test for allergies, GP should be able to refer you, so that you can avoid as much as possible or take appropriate action.

Thank you all for getting back to me. My asthma and a allergies have been playing up all week now really. Sulfites are a big trigger for me and hard to avoid. I tested allergic to the airborne allergies in the blood ige test my consultant had done. He didn't do skin pricks coz my skin was too rashy on the day. Still not really any the wiser but still a bit suspecting the thunder. I am very allergic to pollen, and my autistic daughter is really upset by thunder so stress could've been a factor. The article about asthma and thunder was v helpful.

Hopefully everything will settle down soon what ever the trigger was. Hope everyone is keeping well xxx

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