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Wheezy and tight. Stupid asthma 😕

Feeling sorry for myself.

Had dry cough for couple of day. Yesterday had to call ambulance for nebuliser as out for day. Felt better so drove home.

Saw out of hours GP had another neb and steroids.

Last night had about 4 hours sleep in fits and starts.

Feeling very tight and wheezy. PEFR down to 50% after salbutamol via spacer.

Do I stick it out and wait for it to pass?

Sorry I'm tired and bit emotional.

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So sorry that you're suffering.

If you are still experiencing symptoms then get medical help.

I hope you feel better soon.


Sorry you're having a rough time! Have been in a similar situation the last few days - 2 trips to hospital (one in ambulance) since Friday, and 2 GP appts. If you're having symptoms (especially if you can't talk/eat/sleep) go and see someone - a&e would always rather deal with a minor attack then have to go into panic stations with a major one! As a frequent flyer (uncontrolled for 18 months) they always tell me to not try to wait it out.

If you're worried about causing a fuss see your GP and asked for advise, alternatively ring 111/asthma uk!

Hope everything calms down for you soon!!!


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Thanks Emma.

GP not interested and just said A & E as they've done all they can.

I haven't slept properly in 3 nights now and I'm tired.

Sadly my A&E were awful last time and I virtually collapsed before they took me to get treated.

So you can see why I'm trying to sort myself x


Unfortunately I've had a few experiences like that too... when I saw my GP on Friday he literally asked me why I was there and I had to try and explain that I had rapidly declined on the walk to the surgery (normally 5 mins downhill... took me 25mins).

I also (back in the early days) once had an a&e doc (in minors) tell me I was having a panic attack (because my wheeze had disappeared), condescendingly give me one salbutamol neb (in a room unsupervised) then made me wait 2hrs before I had to basically demand to be taken through to majors (12.30AM still red zoning my PF but it had improved since arrival, but if I go to majors they may want to take bloods/put a line in and that will hurt 🙄🙄🙄) - majors went into meltdown as I had been having a 'life-threatening' attack since 10PM and basically been ignored - original doc got told off, I got the good meds (mag sulphate, back-to-back combi nebs, hydrocortisone shots etc) and an admittance to a ward...

It does sound like you possibly need to go to a&e - my advice on a&e is take your asthma plan with you (if you have one). Write down how long you've been bad, the possible trigger(s) all the meds you've taken, when they were and the effect on your PF (as much as you can remember!). Highlight the fact that you're at 50% with all the meds (esp if you're like me and have a ridiculously high best PF) and that you still feel rubbish. Also explain that you've seen your GP (and when) and their advice to go to A&E if it doesn't improve. Also tell them if you can't sleep/don't feel safe to sleep etc as these should be warning signs in most hospitals!

I know it can be annoying and frustrating when you have bad experiences at hospitals but often-times it's just one doctor who doesn't understand, and the next one will! Don't avoid just because of previous issues! If you're in the waiting room for a while and start to feel worse inform the receptionists who should hopefully be able to get help faster (a receptionist once caused me to bypass triage as I was so obviously bad - from walking in to majors took about 5 mins as they rang for a doc/nurse immediately)

Hope this helps, and that you start to feel better soon! Feel free to message back if you go and have another bad experience - sometimes being able to use someone who understands as a sounding/complaints board helps a lot! Thinking of you



Thanks Emma.

I have left A &E before after they said I was ok only for me to get 10 mins away and be in same position. Means a 999 call usually and of course when I return I get treated like I shouldn't be there. As crew have treated me with appropriate nebs and I'm 50% better.

Can you see a pattern?

Hoping steroids kick in quickly and will self neb with spacer.


I've given up on ambulances as they never want to take me in cause I have a good initial response then when I get to a&e I'm not deemed too bad, get another neb and sent home - holds for a day or so then I'm back just as bad cause I needed more treatment 🙄. Usually I'll get a friend/taxi to drop me off then a&e can see me at my 'worst' - i.e. Not 10mins after a neb and treats me accordingly (sorry this is really bad advice - against all medical advice usually given- I DONT ADVISE THIS!!!)

When I'm at a&e I try to make sure that they are aware that I 'rebound' quickly after a good initial response. They now usually keep me at least 2+ hrs after last meds to make sure it holds (sitting on a chair out of the way very boring but hey).

The last time a junior doctor didn't listen to me and tried so send me home 1 hr after a neb, I knew I was at the beginning of a rebound so I casually walked to the nearest water fountain for a drink, walked back and a different doc put me straight back onto a neb and admitted me. Told my GP what I had done the next time I saw him and he was pleased I had done it as it highlighted the issue before it could worsen at home...

As I said it's usually about which doctor you get as to your experiences...

Please look after yourself and be sensible (don't risk your life because you have had bad experiences) - if you tell the docs you don't feel safe to go home yet they should listen to you, you just need to speak up. Are you under a hospital specialist? If so (and if you really refuse to get more help) speak to them, if not talk to asthma uk or ask your GP for a referral if he deems that there is little else for him to do. I had to cheat to get my referral as my old surgery refused to refer me - late night a&e trip = automatic admission = automatic resp consultant 😅 (now under a tertiary hospital and no one understands why my first surgery refused to refer unless for cost cutting purposes - new surgery now!)

Please don't just put up with it - I've been there and it's a downwards spiral!!!



Hope you're better. 50% PF = A&E. sorry it wasn't good last time but you need to go back and as suggested have plan/ entries to show decline? Do you record PF? I use app and get nice graph that usually freaks them! Feel better soon


Which app do you use?


I use health app on iPhone but there are others out there

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So I ended up in dire straights.

Had an attack so severe it was life threatening. Ended up via 999 in ED having lots of nebs and magnesium infusion.

Discharged after 24 hours after useless Dr's saying needed review by specialist nurse who never appeared!

I'm home now and although feeling slightly unsettled my asthma is at least stabe for now.

Thanks for all the reply to those who tried to help x


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