Hi everyone hope all ok had lung function test today and saying lost 200% capacity since last year waiting for the doc now to go through it with me properly got to go on bike tomorrow with the worse and mask etc was meant to b tread mill but the pain my hip he said the bike would b better what fun i'm having keeping me busy roll on Friday home fingers crossed take care everyone

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  • How could it have got so much worse in a year. May not be as bad as you think so let us know how you get on with the doctor. Good luck xxx

  • Ryan just got wait c what they say now in right place in good hands I think it's all the attacks I've lately hasn't helped x

  • I hope all goes as well as possible. Thinking of you.

  • I hope all your tests go ok.

  • I would be interested to learn more and hear about your results. But then I have not been on a treadmill. I have done the beep walk test, and had a Spirometry and reversibility test, as well as carbon dioxide test. I believe I might be having some lung function tests at Addenbrookes in August. I am back on 40mg Prednisolone for the rest of the week. Doc says my Asthma is terrible, but it was my choice, he could admit me, or we could see how I managed overnight having increased the steroids. As my oxygen level was very good (97%), I did not feel I needed to be in. I monitor my oxygen level at home anyway, and have my trusted nebulisers and nebs. Hope the Consultant has a plan for your treatment whatever the results.

  • Hi, Sorry to hear you have problems, I wonder the same, how is it possible to loose so much in a year?

  • I am sorry to hear your tests came out like they did. Be patient and let the doctors do there job. I will pray for you to get better.

  • Hi thanks I was meant to go home today but there was confusion on who was booking transport and it never got done so I stuck here for another night home in morning instead hope u ok x

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