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Acid reflux

Hi hope you are all okay

I know some here have acid reflux as well as asthma so I thought I'd ask for advice

I'm getting reflux symptoms (for me it is feeling yucky) but my mum thinks I'm making myself yucky which I don't even know how I would do that and she says if i am generally feeling yucky that I need to do something about it but it's not as simple as that

I'm on 300mg of ranitidine anyway and I take calpol when I need it

What else can I do and how can I prove to my mum that this is genuine and I'm not making it up


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Hi Erin, Studies done in America, state that nearly 75% of those with asthma (including kids) experience some symptoms of acid reflux. Some of the symptoms include having a horrible taste in your mouth in the morning, or the need to clear your throat, also the feeling of a lump in your throat can mean acid reflux, as can a pain in your chest. (heart burn)

Some people can control acid reflux really well with diet, others need a course of proton pump inhibitors to help. I get acid reflux sometimes, and I know that by being careful with what I eat I can get it under control, although I sometimes have a course of proton pump inhibitors.

I am not sure that calpol would have any effect!!! and as you are 16, why are you still taking calpol?

So, in terms of diet, there are many trigger foods and drinks, including but not limited to: raw onions, tomatoes and citrus fruits, also very spicy foods are not so good, avoid carbonated drinks, (including low cal and water), & fruit juices. Also very high fat meals are not good. Try and include a lot of fibre in your diet as that helps.

Bananas and Avocados are good.

Avoid peppermints and chocolate, as they can relax the muscles and allow acid to flow out of the stomach.

Don't lie down or go to bed for at least 3 hours after eating, also don't exercise immediately after eating.

There is lots of good advice on the internet about acid reflux diet that can be very helpful.

If you are overweight try and lose some weight as that can also help.

Finally as Acid Reflux and Asthma is a very common combination, you should talk to your doctor about this. Controlling your diet is really a better way to get on top of this problem in the first instance rather than resorting to pills. Although, for some the pills are essential. It may be that your doctor would prescribe you a month course of proton pump inhibitors to get you started, and you could adjust your diet a bit at the same time. Then you would have a good idea that your yucky feeling was caused by reflux.

I hope the GCSE's went well!! and that you are having a lovely summer.



I take 300 mg ranitidine so would that be a type of proton pump inhibitors it does usually help

I get anxiety to which is usually the cause of it but I have no anxiety on my mind right now and yes my diet isn't great but I have been dieting but this week I haven't because I'm on holiday so I have given myself a break but I had a few blips a few weeks before

You are allowed calpol at 16 and it is just what I'm used to and I know it doesn't harm my asthma at all like some painkillers can

Thank you for the advice and stats I know that loads of people with asthma on hear also have acid reflux


Ranitdine is not a proton pump inhibitor, it works in a different way to reduce the acid in your stomach. However, it sounds as though relaxing is what you need to do!! For Acid reflux, dieting is about taking out some of the main culprits and finding out what your "triggers" are. Not necessarily about losing weight. The ones listed in my last post are some of the worst. Don't beat yourself up! I hope that you have a brilliant holiday. Taking up yoga might help, both the anxiety and your breathing! If you have a moment or two during the summer.




My Doctor put me on one OMEPRAZOLE a day which works fine


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