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Exercise induced asthma

I'm an avid runner and cyclist where i was exercising for at least an hour most days until about May this year. I began to struggle with an achy chest, no wheeze though. Sometimes the ache is in my chin aswell. Until then I would only need my blue inhaler if I had a cold/ virus. Why has my very mild asthma sudden got so much worse? Dr put me on a preventer inhaler which reduced the amount of phlegm I was producing but chest wise not a lot of improvement. It did improve my PF from 380-480. I know it takes time for the steroid to build up but it never helped with this rotten feeling in my chest which hurts to breath. Dr also told me increase to 4 puff ventolin before and after. To no avail :/

I have had ecg, X-ray and multiple blood test to rule out other possibilities. I'm now down to about 3 days a week of exercise as it takes me so long to recover.

Dr is convinced it's EIA, I'm not so sure though as it doesn't feel like it's restricting my breathing, just makes it uncomfortable. Has anyone else experienced a similar chesy achyness with asthma?

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HI Holly,

Sorry you're having a rough time of it at the moment. Given the time of year this started is there a chance you could have developed an allergy to pollen or has that possibility already been ruled out?

Do I get a chest ache from asthma, yes I have known that to happen in the past if my asthma has really flared up. I can also get an itchy feeling in my chest, one that is definitely internal and all the more irritating for that as I can't get at it.

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Actually thinking about it, I have also had something very similar to what you are describing - and that did happen after doing an unaccustomed type of exercise (I had tried to run up a hill in order not to be late for something). It calmed down after I used my ventolin inhaler so I did put that down to EIA, which we do know that I suffer from. Interestingly, that also happened in the summer.

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I have tried antihistamines but they had no effect, so I am assuming that it isn't allergy related. I'm sorry you also get it, but at the same time it's reassuring to know that there are other asthmatics with the same bizarre ache. What confuses me most is it doesn't feel like asthma at all.


I get chest ache :( My asthma wasn't diagnosed for years as i don't wheeze! I just assumed it was hayfever but last year got so much worse! the only antihistamine that works for me is benadryl and its the one with activsan (or something like that) in! My lungs also get really itchy too, its a horrible feeling!

I used to exercise 5 times a week and now I'm lucky if I do once! I have loads of triggers, predominately the weather so maybe this current heat & humidity is affecting you? If you find anything that helps I'd love to hear! I feel rubbish that I've lost all my fitness!!! Hope you feel better soon

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Sorry you have been feeling groggy aswell. I also don't wheeze. Mine was diagnosed after developing a cough that wouldn't shift for over a year. Do you get any other asthma symptoms aswell?

I haven't noticed a difference between the cooler days and the hot humid days. I know it is worse on cold winter mornings though.

Do your muscles ache after exersice aswell? I'm completely wiped out for a while. Im not sure if this is just a side effect of the inhalers though.

Likewise, if you find anything :) and I also hope you manage to get back to exercising and feeling well.


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