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Hello everyone, I joined today with a specific question. Firstly I've been asthmatic since I was very young and manage it using fostair once in the morning and ventolin when required. About 2 weeks ago my wife and I made chicken fajitas using quorn chicken pieces. Tasted great, but that evening and during the night I just couldn't take a full breath. My chest was tight and no matter what I did, I just couldn't fill my lungs. I wasn't wheeezy and must have used my ventolin about 15 times that night. on a couple of occasions I did become a little anxious which I managed down again. Next day I was fine and thought nothing of it because it was a mild and humid night. Anyhow, yesterday I made quorn spag bol and low and behold the same thing happened.

I did some reasearch online and there are several documented instances of quorn setting people's asthma off, but I'm keen to know if anyhow on this forum has experienced any similar symptoms after having eaten quorn.

I look forward with interest to the replies.



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  • Thanks for that, many years ago I thought my condition got worse when visiting my veggie relative.

  • Quorn has been know to cause allergies.

    It is made from mycoprotein.. a fungus. that may be the allergen.

    It can also contain egg white and gluten too...


  • Thanks Kate, yes they do mix albumin with the mycoprotien as a binder. I'm ok eating eggs, they have no effect. But the quorn did. I'm not going to eat anymore needless to say, so hope to hear from others to see if there are more issues raised.



  • I haven't eaten quorn in years. I tried it twice and both times had an awful experience. This was before I'd been diagnosed with asthma or food allergies. The first time I had it, everything was fine for a hour, then I was sick had terrible stomach cramps. I then tried it again a few months later. Thinking it just been a big. What a mistake, within half an hour, I was violently sick, had upset stomach, sweat was pouring off me and struggling to breathe. It just wouldn't stop. I ended up passing out on the bathroom floor. I was off work for two days. It had to be one of the most frightening experiences I've had.

    Years later I spoke to my allergy specialist and he explained about the fungus it's made from. Then it all made perfect sense.

  • John I am very allergic and have multiple food and environmental allergies. I used to use Quorn a lot but recently had a full blown anaphylactic episode after eating products. Staff at hospital said I was the second this week.

  • Quiet and msbettsy, thanks for your honest replies. I'm so sorry to hear about your incidents and I'm glad you came through them. It just goes to show that more awareness can be spread by the right questions and forums such as this one.



  • Yes I believe that quorn is mainly made from mushrooms and mushrooms are a no no for me anyway. After eating any fungi, this causes additional problems to the yeast overgrowth causing lots of problems for the already present candida albicans which already causing mayhem with rhinitis. I am sure there is a connection but I am not a scientist just an observer for my own benefit.

  • Quorn is made from a fungus which is a common allergen

  • while I cannot comment on whether quorn would affect your asthma I would like to say that I cannot eat it now. I used to eat it occasionally years ago with no ill effects but I think they changed the way it was made as I made a lovely dinner and really enjoyed it but within 20 minutes was violently ill (sickness etc.), first time I put it down to something I had done, tried it again same thing happened. I now avoid quorn totally. So I think that anything is possible.

  • I never realised what it was made of, to be honest, but think I'll avoid it from now on. In truth, I've been avoiding it because it tastes crap, but that's an added excuse :)

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