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Asthma Spacer

I do in fact have asthma. I'm not having issues managing it, I actually am performing some research for a project. I needed some opinions and experiences of people who have used spacers so I have some idea into the types of problems with spacers I should be researching. I hope that this doesn't bother anyone because it is purely research :)

Back to why I'm posting again:

Since you guys have a lot of knowledge on asthma do any of you guys experience issues with your spacer? If you can send a picture of the type of spacer you have that would really help :)

Do you carry your spacer around with you? Or do you leave it at home?

If you had asthma when you were a child, tell me some problems you had with the spacer until you were old enough to manage the problem yourself?

Thank you guys ^-^


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Just one small response: I used to use a spacer as I could not take Clenil without using one. Clenil always made me cough, but not so badly when I used a spacer. To begin with I used the giant one. It worked, and I realised Ventolin worked better with it, too, but was a right pain to take around with me, so a changed to a small one, can't remember the name, a tube with blue ends, that whistles if you breathe in too hard. It was so much better, as I could easily carry it around with me. I no longer use either as I am now on an inhaler which is never used with a spacer.



Iv had asthma for over since i was born basically. My mother said they diagnosed me at 6 month old I'm not 33. Iv never ever used a spacer. Simply because I never got shown one untill a few years ago. So I thought well iv gone this long I'm not going to bother. My son uses one tho. I think there good for young children. I'm now on symbicort which doesn't require a inhaler.




I am 35 and I use a spacer with my ventolin I get alot of mucus plugs (sorry) so I find using a spacer easier. I have 3 spacers a small one at work and 2 large volumatic ones at home


Hi, I've had asthma since I was in my early 20's, I've had it now for 20 years. my triggers are predominantly environmental /air born so carrying my spacer around with me is essential-

Issues depending on how bad the attack sometimes the spacer doesn't grab the asthma attack as quickly as you'd like. I do use it for both fostair and different spacer for ventolin.


I currently use inhalers which do not have the gas propellant which means no spacer required, I much prefer them


I carry a spacer most of the time. A smaller one (as described above blue and whistles if used too loudly) if out and about and a larger volumatic at home. If I am very well controlled I will go out with just a reliever if just for a night out etc... but rarely nowadays


I've been diagnosed asthmatic now for nearly 30 years.

I never used to use a spacer, in fact i used to be on inhalers which you couldn't use a spacer with.

About 3-4 years ago i was changed to inhalers which can use spacers but initially i wasn't told / recomended to / shown how. I saw a specialist pharmacist who suggested i use a spacer, especially with my preventer. For over 2 years now i've had voice problems and ENT are convinced it's at least exacerbated, if not caused by my inhalers (which i don't entirely agree with) and they insisted i use a spacer. I was prescribed an aerochamber but discovered online the Able Spacer which is small volume but comes apart to store an inhaler inside. I now use it all the time, except when i'm out running so carrying only a small belt which fits just the essentials.

At first i was embarrassed using my spacer in public but now i don't care, especially cos it's not too big.


Hi I use a spacer with my two preventer inhalers and my reliever. I find it easier to take my medication with the spacer because I don't have to worry about coordinating the inbreath and activation of the inhaler.

One preventer (alvesco) has a round mouthpiece while the other, Flutiform, has a more rectangular mouthpiece. The spacers I use (Able in two sizes) are flexible enough to cope with both shapes.

I bring the smaller able spacer out and about. I prefer the larger one but it is a bit bulky to carry so keep it at home.

I find cleaning the spacer a chore and don't seem to be able to get all the residue off inside the spacer.


I use Aerochamber plus. The cylinder with blue attachments at both ends.

I found using inhalers on their own difficult. I could co-ordinate BUT the shock of the contents entering my mouth would make me momentary stop inhaling.

Cons are - bulkier to carry inhaler and spacer than just inhaler on own. The spacer takes good 12 hours to dry after washing!


I use a volumetric with inhaled steroid. I can't use aerochamber due to latex allergy. Have different delivery mode salbutamol for handbag so not carrying large one in handbag


Aerochambers are latex free :-) I am allergic to latex, the info leaflet states it is latex free...


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