Seen doc today and got echo scan today at 2.30 saying most of TNT heart readings and blood etc have come back clear so that's not the effect on the chest got to have lung function test done go on treadmill , c the diabetic nurse as saying i'm diabetic there thinking the breathing is coming from the upper airways somewhere and throats but not sure where had horrible afternoon yesterday with breathing loads nebs , magnesium but he said he doesn't know what's doing it so wants me to stay till next Friday now a extra week do have all the tests done hopefully get some answers to what's causing it would like to thank everyone on here for the support don't know what I would do with out u all it's very lonely stuck up here with no visitors or family near thank u x

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  • Oh Tracey I do hope your medical team managed to help you.

    Good luck with all the tests.

    God Bless you.

  • Hi yea there great up here in rbh just waiting to go in for my echo scan now other tests next week x

  • Thinking of you.

  • At least you will know what is going on and they can deal with it. The not knowing is the worst! I know it is hard but try and relax and you never know the time may go quicker! Take care Tracey and we are all with you on your journey to good health xxxxxx

  • Thank u it's the not knowing y it's happening they stumped hopefully the tests will sort it out thanks for the support

  • I hope your scan went ok

  • So sorry your having such a rough time. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it for you soon and you will be feeling much better. Hospital can be such a lonely place. Hope your on the up soon. X

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