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Ear problems

Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help or recommended any tips. Been on ear drops, an ear spray and then ear drops and antibiotics. Got referred to an ear care clinic at the hospital to have my ears micro suctioned but turns out when I got there she looked and said my ears look like happy healthy ears and didn't do anything apart from remove a tiny piece of wax. My ear still feels very full, it's not really painful just can tell it's not how it used to be!

Any help would be appreciated x

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Hi there, the day after I was diagnosed with Asthma ( only a month ago) I suddenly got an ear infection, ear felt as though it was so full it was going to burst, I was given antiobiotics and it has just cleared up. But I was told it was just a coincidence, however, I am having some other side effects from the inhalers Including sore throats and ear aches, and the most awful cramps and bone aches in my legs. So I think a trip back to the GP is in order, maybe ear aches and infections are part of the Asthma / inhaler side effects?i am new to this so I'm floundering a bit, trying not to use the Ventolin as cramps, etc. Are far worse, but yesterday was a bad day.

Maybe some others will have more ideas?

Hope your ear sorts itself out soon, I know how horrid it is

Best wishes


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Hi Jos thank you for your reply.

Aww no really? I have had asthma nearly 10 years and only had ear problems in the last few months so don't think it's from my inhalers. Thank you Jo, I hope your cramps do too! Take care x


Could it be Eustachian tube dysfunction? It's often hard to spot apparently. patient.info/health/eustach...

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Hi Moogle, it may well be that! Sounds like what I have if I'm honest but not sure if anything can really be done about it? X


I have suffered with asthma for years and for the last year my ears have started feeling full and very itchy. No infection! The doc just says they look a bit red. I have been buying earcalm from the chemist which does help a little but never actually goes completely.

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