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Ventolin on repeat


Has anyone else been told that they can't have Ventolin on repeat prescription? I've just signed up with a new GP and have just had an appointment today to get my medications back on repeat. He didn't question any of the rest and even let me have my rescue pack of Prednisolone to keep at home. However, he did say that I can't have the Ventolin on repeat prescription. This is despite the fact I've had multiple trips to A&E this year and 2 hospital admissions.

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News to me. Not only can I get it on repeat (and at quite long intervals as I rarely need to use it) I'm also allowed to have two - one that stays at home and one that goes with me wherever I go.

Given your recent history I'm astonished by this. You could write a letter of complaint to the practice manager, explaining just why you need it and that you have ended up in A&E and in hospital in the past twelve months due to asthma.

I believe you can get them over the counter if you are desperate (though I might be wrong there, and it may depend on the pharmacist) but you really shouldn't have to. Other than that the only thing I can suggest is to change practice - which would be annoying given that you've only just signed up to this one.

My GP surgery policy is now not to allow Ventolin on repeat. We have to request it and there is a cap of six a year. The argument is that if we need more than that we should be getting our preventer treatment reviewed. I have allergic asthma so am unhappy about the policy.

MaggieHP in reply to Egret_J

I can understand the argument, but still think the way it's being implemented is harsh.

The surgery I go to has an in house pharmacy (it's a rural practice - nearest pharmacy other than that is six miles away). I know for a fact that it will be flagged up at once if I am requesting more asthma medication than would normally be expected. I did it once by accident and was interested to see the note on the top of the bag stating the discrepancy in ink which was highlighted by a bright orange highlighter pen.

Since these systems are fully computerised I would have thought it was possible for a GP to see when medication was last requested and act on it if the pattern had changed or things seemed to be getting out of control. Far better that than possibly have to wait for an appointment to get something that might be urgently needed but was no longer allowed on repeat.

Jems, out of interest and given your recent history, are you under the care of a consultant for your asthma?

Jems1995 in reply to MaggieHP

Yeah I have an asthma consultant at the hospital and an asthma nurse too but I'm not due to see them until December.

MaggieHP in reply to Jems1995

Is it worth getting in touch with either of them and explaining your predicament? They may be able to advise or reassure you on this.

Hidden in reply to MaggieHP

Very good advice MaggieHP

MaggieHP in reply to Hidden

Thank you lilaclil:-).

That sounds down right dangerous! Can you contact your CCG or PALS?


Hi Jems1995

It's key to have a reliever ventolin inhaler. As iterated on the thread is sounds like your GP practice has a policy not to give out repeat prescriptions and make sure people are coming in for regular reviews so their asthma can be monitored more closely.

I had a quick chat with our nurse team and they said to make sure your asthma action plan is up to date and to book a review with your GP so you can discuss your medication needs and make sure your asthma is optimally treated.

Please feel free to give our nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Take care,


i suspect after you have been to A and E a few times requiring ventolin - the gp surgery will change its mind. i am in a similar predicament. i cannot have paracetamol on repeat because it is cheaper to buy but I have a care agency coming into my home. the care agency can only assist with medications that are on repeat. so now when i need paracetamol I go to A and E. until someone comes up with another plan.

No body thibks through the rules they come up with

I get two Ventolin on repeat prescription every 3 weeks and have done for over 2 years now.

I don't have this issue.. but... a) my gp knows I have "stash's" of spares (ventolin, fostair and fexofenadine)

B) If I think things are going south and I'm not getting anywhere I make an emergency appointment even if it's just for them to tell me it's asthma and what I'm doing is all that's needed

But I currently have 4 ventolin inhalers

1 open in my pocket

1 new in the car (I ran out and ended up in trouble so I can get to this one even at work if required)

1 new in a draw in the living room

1 new in the bedside table

This is an old post I know but it was quite irresponsible for your GP to make it so difficult for you to obtain your Ventolin inhalers. They help manage your symptoms and should be available to you at all times not restricted in supply. I am a bit like Chip_y2kuk above.

When I go on a European cruise stock up on inhalers in every port we visit. £2.68 for 1 in any chemist. The Europeans have a sensible attitude to this vital medication and treat people like adults. Unlike the UK with our endless list of POM.

My Doctor always says..Anything else you want ? Great guy.

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