Hi everyone how's things hope going to ell , me struggling bad with breathing at the moment nurses r great in here gave me nebs and now been banned to my bed for rest said going get doc down if don't ease up had it last night as well and docs had to come down been getting tightness on the chest it's horrible then can't breath like now again horrible hope everyone else doing ok lots love to everyone

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  • Ah sorry your still struggling with it. Bed rest can only help I guess. Hopefully docs will be able to give you a solution soon and have you back on track. X

  • Thank u hopefully x

  • At least you are in one of the best places, keep your spirits up. Raining here in Gloucestershire. Regards to the RBH, I used to repair the Radio system there in 1951-2

  • Yea there great up here I don't mind traveling for it x

  • Take care sweetheart.

  • Thanks Hun

  • Hoping you feel better soon and your breathing improves.

  • I am so sorry Tracey that you are struggling. Try and rest like the nurse said and maybe things will kick in tomorrow. We are all thinking about you. Big hugs xxxxx

  • I do hope your breathing improves soon.

  • Sweet Tracye, so very sorry you are having problems!!!!! Doc order something that has helped yet ? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Glad you are being well looked after. Hope you have lots of entertainment etc. hope things improve soon

  • Morning tracey hope you're doing better today, thankfully for me the montelukast seemed to be helping still breathless when doing anything that requires a bit of energy and still tired and sleeping well but startingvto get usdd to it. Xx

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