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Is it just me


So my asthma got really bad last time the weather was very hot and I also had a chest infection so I started my rescue pred and antibiotics. I was doing so much better until it got really hot again and my asthma is again really bad. I am currently on 10mg of pred as I taper over a month (please no pred bashing!!!)

I spoke to my doc yesterday and she wants me to take 6-8 of my ventolin every 4 hours and if 8 isn't enough I have to go to hospital.

Just wondering is anyone else struggling in this heat? it is actually hurting to breathe not impressed I really hate hot humid weather

haven't seen many heat related posts so really starting to think its just me :(


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hi lejaya

it is not just you - otherh asthmatics do have a hard time with heat.

Are you only on ventolin?

The national guide line is 1 to 10 puffs of ventolin every four hours if no improvement then I am afraid it is A and E or urgent and emergency centre as some are now being called.

The hospital will be happy to see you if you are struggling.


Ask your doctor for a spacer. This is a device which fits over your inhaler and you just use your ventolin inside it. The beauty of this is that more of the med goes into your lungs. This might help.

I am only mild asthma/copd but have been extra breathless in this hot muggy weather.

I take ventolin, symbicort 400/12, montelukast, aminophylline, carbocistiene, spiriva and I am currently on pred 10mg.

my doc told me to try 6-8 puffs of blue every 4 hours so basically using it like a neb I do this often when I'm bad and find it very good.

she said if 8 isn't enough every 4 hours I have to go to hospital and I use u spacer


Hi, I'm on this lots of Pred and all I ever get is doxy antibiotics and I'm coughing up small patches of blood.

I spent £500 on an air conditioning machine 2 years ago. It's noisy but I have that and the fan and a humidifier for the air. I'm locked in my bedroom to enable me to breath but the coughing is another thing. Think you know I was a nurse for 30 years and never thought I'd end up like this.

I can't even breath walking up and downstairs. I have a nebuliser I bought and think should I take it daily or more in this weather cos all lots Ventolin inhaler does is give me palpitations. They've said no more they can do patches of collapse due to scarring and fluid in air sacs apart from refer to RVI Newcastle to see what they say.

I couldn't bear going to hospital away from my cool room here which allows me some breath.

It's impact on my life at 55 is left feeling like I'm on the scrap heap worth no life, no income and so depressed.

Hope you get some relief when the weather cools cos I hate this weather.


Hey Matti

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling so much I really hope it cools down soon then maybe both of us will feel a bit better

I am also confined to my bedroom and work was almost impossible yesterday my asthma was so bad

My asthma has been a steady state of caos for 14 years

Feel free to pm anytime


hi leyaja

see i have been told the current guidelines are if you are needing your blue inhaler more than ten puffs every four hours you need to go to hospital.

However I used to be on 10 puff of blue every hour and if that was not working go to A and E so I really think it depends with medical person you see and which rule book they are following.

It is not helpful for us as patients though as we can then get confused.

lejaya in reply to JulieVictoria

hi JulieVictoria

my doc said to me if 8 every 4 hours isn't enough i need to go to hospital but maybe that's also because I'm on alot of other meds including pred

I am only following my docs instructions I'm sure cons would say the same though


I'm also finding it very hard to breathe with this hot weather.

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