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Help! I am allergic to my new car!

Hi, well, it's not new, but I changed my car this week and turns out there is animal hair in it. I had asked the garage to super clean it, they claim to have spent 2 days on it. Anyway, within 20 minutes, my chest was tight and I needed my inhaler.

Does anyone know how to get rid of pet hair/dander etc, The garage aren't being very helpful.

I am getting it professionally valetted on Monday.

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Maybe it's not the animal dander which is the problem but the cleaning stuff they used? They can be triggers for asthmatics. When you get your car valetted try and get them to use products which won't trigger it.

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Yikes. I think it's hard to get it out fully. My guess would be lots of soap/shampoo and hot water and try to vacuum out as much of it as possible. You may have to do it several times. Ask an upholstery shop about it if they can't get it. I don't really know I'm guessing that a dry vacuum won't do it if you are very allergic. For myself when exposed hot shower and soap, and the clothes go in the washing machine. Due to this I don't allow anyone's dog in our cars or house, and avoid anything too doggy as well (like a dog blanket).


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