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Scratching throat, is this asthma or in my head, no allergies no reflux

Hi long story short until last may I was healthy no problems then I fell and hurt my ribs, I was off work for a month, I was very breathless struggled to sleep due to a mixture of pain and breathlessness.

By last July still breathless and developed a cough, I was started on salbutamol.

In august GP sent me to A+E due to constant coughing, breathlessness and raised heart rate I was treated for atypical pneumonia and started on clinel.

September was seen be a consultant and started on fostair breathlessness more or less went coughing not as much.

Seen by consultant in December another chest infection .

Since December I have seen an asthma nurse twice and have been given an appointment with a consultant for September.

At the moment I keep having episode of scratching feeling in my throat that lasts a few days as well a feeling that I can't empty my lungs when I breath out, Ido get some relief from salbutamol. I have been getting some mild breathlessness.

I have started taking ranitadine incase it's acid reflux causing the cough as well antihistamines in case it's hayfever. I don't have a blocked or runny nose so I'm not convinced it's nasal drip.

I've never had a wheeze and peak flow drops by 100 when I'm feeling my worst.

Im begining to wonder if this is in my head.

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Sorry to hear you've been affected by continued breathlessness. I asked specialist nurses team at Asthma UK and Caroline says it does indeed sound like asthma as the blue reliever inhaler working and drop in peak flow is significant.

She mentioned a couple of things, one was checking your inhaler technique, we have some information and videos here: bit.ly/2sJdfws. Taking it as prescribed and really good technique are key to get this precious microscopic medicine down far into your airways to give you protection.

She also mentioned having an asthma review with your GP or asthma nurse. Information on what to expect is here bit.ly/2rLpQ1z

If you have had any lung function test done eg spirometry to check what your airways are doing, because you have had 2 major flare- ups, it's normal to take a long time for the airways to recover fully and might still be very sensitive.

f you'd like to talk more in-depth then please call our asthma nurses on our helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).




Hi. I have had asthma since pneumonia in 2002. I had a persistent cough despite using the standard brown and blue inhalers. I saw a specialist who diagnosed cough variant asthma which the standard brown inhaler does not help. I now have budesonide dry powder inhalers and my cough has improved about 90% and my peak flow is 500. Ask about this as my specialist said GPs only prescribe basic inhalers which will not work for everyone.



Hi jo_howes

I'd suggest giving our asthma nurses a call to discuss your asthma medication and you can talk through different inhalers and spacers on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)




Thanks but I am fine. I think you meant this reply for DKLB.


Hi Jo,

I did indeed!



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