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Back pain

Hi everyone, hope your feeling good today . I have been having upper back pain on and off for a while, I have sciatica so Lower back pain I'm used to . But this pain around my shoulders is a bit different, feels to burn when I'm ironing especially and I have to rest then do a bit more . I take Symbicort 200 twice a day and I'm just wondering if it's that that's causing it . After taking it I feel a bit shaky too . Any one else get back pain ? X

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sorry for delay have been away, I have not taken symbicort for along time it never gave me any relief . however I get upper back/neck pain if I have been extremely short of breath.

best wishes


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Thank you for your reply, could you tell me what you take ? X


I have been a bit chesty of late but breathing not too bad. But this pain /ache is constant. As I say I'm not very active either.


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