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What is your asthma story?


Hello everyone!

I'm a new member in this forum, so I hope you are doing fine. To begin with, I'm Justina and I have asthma from the day I born. Actually, it really sucks, but I know I can't do nothing about it. I would really appreciate if you would like to share your asthma story with me. :) By the way, I'm thinking to get Bellavista 1000 that will help to breathe me easier during the night. What is your opinion about this device? If you have no idea what I'm speaking about, just check this page:

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deviceinformed.com/medical-... the page is here

Hi and welcome,

I have had asthma since I was 4. Always reasonably controlled. As a child I would be in hospital a couple of times a year with chest infections. When I hit around 17/18 it cleared up massively and was well controlled with just inhalers morning and evening. May of last year so when I was 32 it all went horribly wrong. Something has sparked off lots of allergies including pollen of all kids dust mites cats dogs citrus fruit and dairy. I have had loads of tests done and have been on high dose prednisone for the last year along with relvar and spiriva inhalers. I started in two weekly xolair injections under the care of St. George's and being monitored closely. They are trying to reduce my steroids at the moment which is tricky. I have found the support on here great and really helpful. Welcome again. Xxx

I've had asthma since I was a kid. It went away and then came back at 14 with a vengeance. Currently this year I've been in A&E 8 times and admitted twice. I've spent 1 night in resus. However I don't let it stop me I do what I can and I know my limits.

Myself, my asthma nurse and hospital consultant are trying to find a combination of medication that works for me.

I've had 6 lots of Prednisolone this year alone.

I've had asthma as long as I remember, say age 5. Also hayfever sometimes. It was worse until my teens, sometimes needing steroids and up all night but I don't remember being hospitalized. I had the series of injections for several years for dust mites and grass and that reduced the triggers a lot. I never let it get in my way though. As an adult I go a decade or so with very little chronic asthma only specific triggers, then it comes back for a while and got to deal with it again. But I'm in good shape eat well and I did lots of endurance exercise over the years so it never stopped me thankfully.

I was diagnosed with asthma at 16 and it got much worse when I was 21 and I got a very bad chest infection and was in hospital for a week. It has stayed severe since then and I spent several years in and out of hospital.

it is now better controlled but I take loads of meds and still get alot of chest infections


Hello everybody. I have asthma since 2013 and I believe it's because of the reflux disease. I also do Buteyko exercises which helps a lot. It's a breathing exercise, very simple but must be done three times a day. Keep your breathing for five seconds and start breathing for 30 seconds. If you can do this for half an hour it's great, you'll feel the difference. I've managed 15 minutes. You can google Buteyko technique. I'm also thinking of going to a salt mine and spend some time inside for a couple of hours. I read a lot about asthma but this year I was getting fed up of colds and asthma all in one. I'm really happy I've found you. I was wondering if there is anyone who tried acupuncture ?

Hi nice to meet you I only got diagnosed in November when I got rushed in hospital with life threatening asthma and pneumonia also developed septis was put In a coma for a week am 40 years of age was smoking at the time but not now my main triggers are dust , pollen , perfumes but seems to be under control at the min good luck and we'll come to the forum.

Hi sarahjane12, nice to meet you too. I'm 56 and never smoked. Sorry to hear about your asthma. I feel like whenever I catch a cold everything hurts me. My stomach, allergy is bad, asthma symptoms. I'm totally lost and end up at A&E for medicines. I'm not quite sure how to help myself. It's not like a simple cold in the past. I want to do my best and go to a salt mine. There are specially furnished rooms in London where everything around is made of salt, but it's nearly £ 100/h. Guess a salt lamp will do a good job, the Himalayan lamp. I heard about the lamp that it helps for a good quality sleep.

Hi, sorry to hear you have had asthma for so long. I've had asthma since I was 7, I'm now 41 and realise that although I feel my symptoms are worse than ever, my asthma has always been problematic. I often wonder what it's like just to leave the house and go for a strenuous walk without an inhaler and having to stop to take it. To give dogs a big cuddle without turning into a wheezing sneezing mess! I love animals and do feel a little sad that I can't have contact with them without causing my health a problem. I am who I am though and am accepting that I have to medicate to be well. I don't know about the inhaler you mentioned I'm afraid.

Hope you get what you want from using the forum. X

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