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Shortness of breath


For years now I keep having episodes of shortness of breath or my breathing is laboured. I go the doctors and my chest is always clear, oxygen levels are fine and peak flow can be fine. However I can't talk, eat or walk without struggling to breath.

My airways always feel inflamed and and sometimes it has affected my voice resulting in me having to see a speech therapist.

I wonder sometimes if its a minor anaphylactic shock but because I have Asthma they just lable it as that.

Does anyone else suffer this way?

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Have you thought it might be GORD, ( gastro oesophagus reflux disease) as it causes voice problems and a sore throat just an idea good luck

Go back to your GP and ask to see a lung specialist - not an asthma specialist. Insist if necessary and take someone strong minded with you. You need a diagnosis as this is no way to live without getting very fed up.


Hi PadGill,

I ran your query past our nurses team and Caroline suggests your airways might be inflamed because sometimes the voice can be affected by using inhaled steroids so she advises using a spacer and rinsing your mouth out after you've used it. If you have nasal symptoms due to the allergies and/or post nasal drip, this can trigger asthma and also have an impact on the voice and may show the need for regular anti-histamines and a steroid nasal spray.

As reiterated on the thread, it may also be worth considering another condition like vocal cord dysfunction as a possibility so you might need a referral to a respiratory specialist for further tests. More information is here on the Asthma UK website:

Hope that helps,


PadGill in reply to Hidden

Thanks Everyone.

I have just been for a salt cave therapy and i can feel a difference and i have clarity back in my voice,

Check it out by putting The Salt Cave in your search engine.

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