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I get adult onset asthma

Hi there,Nice to join a great community here.I wonder I was got asthma with hard to breathe problems last Mach 2017.I was recently quit my jobs.I just waiting diagnosed with adult onset asthma and my doctors need more CT scan results in my lungs.My symptoms now almost close to asthma but some time linked to COPD.

Next month I need go to hospital with make CT scan first.Then doctor will diagnosis to make it sure again that I get asthma or COPD.

Now I can not works and play hard like before,I just exercise with running everyday.when I have sweat I feel like mucus stuck in my throat then cough and hard to breathe.

Hope you guys give me some good advise.Thanks

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The best thing I did was to learn to live with the new me and accept that I could not do what I used to do .it all takes time and you cannot rush. It sounds as if you are getting excellent medical care good luck πŸ˜€

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Thanks for advise starveycat.Many symptoms has changed my life.I need to learn more and adjust some lifestyle.

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Thanks lilaclil,I hope so if I got early stages.Once I concern some problems in my lungs.Fist time doctors give X-Ray to me and found not clear white spot in my lung (Left) then next month I will get CT scan.


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