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Foradil and Qvar

Hi is anyone on these two inhalers. I have been on them for 18years. I found them very good but just lately I find I have to take a puff of Atrovent in between. I find the weather affects me dreadfully in Ireland.

I also have a nebuliser whuch I take if I am really not well but thankfully it not often.

I went to my GP to change my inhalers and he told me that the ingredients in the Foradil are in most of the new inhalers.

I want to ask also does anyone feel out of breath midt if the time - not wheezing but just like hyperventilating. I am always like this if I have to walk any distance.


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Hi Aisling30

Sorry to hear the weather is bothering you so much and that you are feeling out of breath so much. I had a quick chat with our specialist asthma nurses and they suggested the easiest thing would be to give them a call on our helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) so you can talk them through your situation in more detail and have a discussion about triggers.

Take care,



I'm struggling in this weather too. Wheezing a little. Catching your breath in this heat is a nightmare. Hope your feeling better soon. X


I believe taking Foradil (formoterol) and Qvar (beclomethasone) together is the same as taking Fostair. However, if your asthma is moderate-mild taking this separate is good because you can easily change the dose and discontinue Foradil when you are not flairing.


So your GP was right!


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