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Hi hope you are all coping in this ­čî×Weather, I've been put on spiriva handihaler as an add on ( also on fostair 200/6, montelukast,Uniphyllin) about a month ago and thankfully it seems to be working but when I've done a bit of research it's saying the device I'm using is for copd which I definitely do not have I trust my gp but would like your thoughts on the Matter.

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  • My GP decided that I'd got COPD on the grounds of being a light smoker in my youth. Took Spiriva for almost a year and it made no difference to me at all so I stopped it. I'm pleased it works for you, though - just proves we're all different!

  • I have spiriva too. I definitely don't have COPD but spiriva is used as an add on for asthmatics as some of us respond well to the tiotropium that it contains. I also have a friend who is asthmatic who has it for asthma not COPD. X

  • I take Spiriva Respimat for asthma, although it can also be used to treat COPD. I have found it great - hope it works for you.

  • I too have Spiriva as an add on. I do not have COPD. It helps me.

  • Thanks for your replies xxx

  • I just got put on Spiriva and I don't have COPD. Mine is purely asthma. I think it's something they try when the more basic options don't seem to be working.

  • My consultant changed me from spiriva respimat to spiriva Handihaler because I struggle with MDIs and the Handihaler is a DPI. It's exactly the same drug but for some reason the nice guidelines only give the respimat to asthmatics. I don't have COPD but my consultant just said cause of my issues he's happy to go against guidelines. Hope that helps

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