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New asthma nurse 12 week review

Tomorrow I go back for a 12 week review, New asthma nurse hope I chosen the best one. Didn't need any updating according to receptionist at GPs, Asthma UK advice to try flostair newer inhaler still in powder for instead of seretide. Don't know if I will drop down to 125 instead of 250 strength. Asthma rock solid just used 3 times last week due to damp weather twice and being stressed and tired. (Are for my daughter she is fine) didn't get home till 1am Will keep all update after appointment.

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Good luck with appointment hope goes well for U x


Thanks for the kind wishes. Back from asthma nurse all good. Peak flow 500 should be 400 ask me if I run no I said I swim which increasing long capacity. Ask to change to flostair same strength equal to seretide. Apparently the medical reps like to push others like seretide. Serenaded is not available but the nurse said if I want it I could have it. The nurse also said asthma is a funny thing as medication for one doesn't work for another.

Going to try flostair to see if it suits me if I does could bring it down from two puffs to one. Ask how long I been on seretide 6mths no concerned about that I believe that is stage 5. Explain that had been on flixoide last year in spring/summer. Not this year however I did step down too much from 250 seretide to just flixoide. The choice I was offered in march either 125 seretide or flixoide. This nurse came from one of the deprived areas in my city. My area not so deprived a mixture of private and council housing. My measure of this nurse is I liked her very much.

Thoughs on flostair please I know it's faster acting smaller particle instead of seretide slower acting and can causes sore throat and mouth thrush.

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