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Hi, I have had a chronic throat clearing issue for the past 4 motnhs. Went to Doctor and saw ENT specialist. He has recommended use of Inhaled Steroid Qvar 50 twice a day. When I saw the asthma nurse recently she said that chronic throat clearing is a symptom of ashtma, so does anyone else have this issue. Qvar not really doing very much to relieve it at the moment, she said it was a very low dose so do I need to persevere with it ? thanks

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Hi there,

2 things you might like to think about. Throat clearing can be a caused by a few things. feelings of a blocked throat can be caused by acid reflux. (Very common amongst those with asthma). It can also be caused by post nasal drip.

You could try a short course of proton pump inhibitors, which you can buy without a prescription from the pharmacy, (you have to ask for them) Omeprazole, is the generic name. You can only get one course. (for acid reflux). You could also try nasal rinsing. Neil-med system is pretty good, this really helps post nasal drip, but takes a while to get the hang of. Again the Neil-Med kit is available at any good pharmacy.

You may also need a steroid nasal inhaler and an antihistamine if this is allergy induced. Again you can now get these over the counter, so you could try and see if they make a difference.

Welcome to the Forum, this is a very common problem for those with asthma


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Hi gillsky8

Welcome to the forum. As already mentioned by risabel, it maybe caused by post nasal drip due to rhinitis so a steroid nasal spray may help.

Caroline, one of our nurses here at Asthma UK asks if you're using the qvar inhaler with a spacer and rinsing afterwards?

It may be worth exploring triggers and allergies with your asthma nurse or GP but persevere with qvar using a spacer if you aren't already.

If you'd like to talk more in-depth then please call our asthma nurses on our helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Hope that helps,



Welcome to the forum gillsky8.

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