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Asthma Symptoms

Hi everybody,

I have chosen to come to this forum in the chance someone out there has similar symptoms to myself as I have become so confused about the kind of symptoms i get. I am 48yrs old and just over a year ago I developed Pneumonia after a double bout of the Flu. Once I started to recover from the Pneumonia I had a very productive cough in the morning and this would usually clear the mucus by lunchtime, then the cough would become non productive in the evening. This cycle went on for a while (2 months) and after several trips to the doctors and seeing specialist's nobody could properly diagnose my condition as my peak flow readings always looked OK. It wasn't until I had a trip to Florida where there was bad thunderstorms that my peak flow meter readings plummeted and ended up on a course of Prednisone which almost straight away started to improve my peak flow readings. Once the course of Prednisone finished my peak flows dropped again. On my return to the UK, I went back to the specialist and he confirmed that I had asthma. I was then put on Sirdupla (salmeterol 25mg/fluticasone 125mg), of which I take 2 puffs in the morning and two in the evening. This got rid of my cough. never needed my rescue inhaler and have ever since always had good peak flow readings. My questions revolves around the other effects I have had over the past 12 months. Basically I find myself clearing my throat a lot especially in the colder months, my voice during these periods becomes very hoarse and I find some mornings I bring up mucus which is yellow and then eventually clears. Sometimes I have clear mucus (basically saliva) which feels like its stuck at the back of my throat and can feel like it for long periods of the day. I don't always have these symptoms and use good inhaler technique. I have even started using a spacer, always gargle and brush my teeth afterwards. Does anybody else have similar symptoms?

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Hi Tony16,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you are confused about your symptoms but great you have taken steps to manage your asthma.

I put your query to the helpline team here at Asthma UK. Caroline one of our nurses, says it might be worth exploring post nasal drip, nasal congestion, hay fever and allergies as these are all a cause for phlegm in back of throat. You may want to talk to your GP to trial of nasal steroids or anti-histamines. If you'd like to talk more in-depth about medication such as nasal steroids and antihistamines then please call our asthma nurses on our helpline on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Thanks, Dita


Hi Dita,

Thank you for the response. I do suffer with Hay fever and have also suspected post nasal drip for a while. On three separate occasions I have discussed believe it or not with three separate doctors this possibility and each time fobbed off with other excuses and just blaming it as a symptom of my asthma. This morning however I was back at the doctors for an asthma review, again with another different doctor. I told him about my symptoms and he said straight away, post nasal drip without any prompting from myself. I told him about the number of times I have mentioned this in the past and he said he was surprised nobody else previously agreed with my thoughts. He has now prescribed me with Mometasone Furoate, so hopefully this will help.

He has also changed my asthma medication today, even though I had no issues with the one I was taking. As previously mention, I was taking Sirdupla (salmeterol 25mg/fluticasone 125mg) and have not been prescribed Fostair 100/6. He said this had slightly lower steroid content and that my previous Inhaler was a bit outdated. What do you know about Fostair and what is your opinion on the change? Are there more or less side effects than my previous inhaler and is it just as effective?




Hi Tony16

Good to hear you've had a better experience with your doctor today.

It's probably easier if you give our nurse team a ring to talk through new asthma medication and side effects as they will be able to answer more fully. Please give us a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

Take care,



OK, thanks Dita

I will do what you suggest and call tomorrow.

Best Regards,


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