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Hi all, ee believe my lg has cough variant asthma. She is on 200mg steroid inhaled day and night and singular each evening. We usually have blue and end up using that when she picks something up. Im finding more often she gets a cough prob ever few weeks at the moment, shes 4. I do realise at that age they get everything going but im feeling like shes having these meds and shes still coughing 😞 anyone else going through similar things? Shes had whooping cough which we thing started it all off. Is there anything anyone can advice? Ive been back to the asthma nurse and the cough went away after an increase in steroid but not for long... how do people ever know if its a childhood cold, hayfever (which is high right now) or the CVA??? Im so blinking confused!!!

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Hi hanrahan1982

Sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. Our nurses recommend going back to the doctor if hay fever is a problem and taking to your GP about antihistamines and an asthma review. Also keeping a record of when your child wheezes can help you see if certain triggers are a problem for her. There's some more information on our website here:

Hope that helps,



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