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Asthma changing

Hello. Ive had asthma all my adult life, I'm 58 now. It has changed, though in recent years. I now seem to produce so much mucus when lungs are just a little irritated - I can't always cough it up, and seem to lurch from 1 chest infection to the next. I can't go longer than 8 weeks - then the lungs start making muss. I feel like I'm drowning in it !Saw my GP yesterday and she called our hospital for advice as she hear my 'musical chest' across the room! I cough a lot, but this is down to the mucus. My GP today said my cough is now cough variant asthma. I thought CVA

has a dry cough? He's also advised me to stop eating dairy products for a month. I take spiriva, flutiform , ciclenoside, and montelucast. Also Pred and antibiotics regularly, tho Pred don't seem to be as effective now.

Any help or advise would be most welcome.

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oldestnewest I am thinking about trying it. Still researching it.

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Thank you x


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