Can't exercise

I really need to do something to improve my fitness levels but I don't know what to do. I am reasonably fit and play sport 4 hours a week and walk lots but when I try to run, or when I suddenly have to be active (including when I play sport), I get out of breath really quickly. I could walk for hours and be fine, but even a jog to the end of the street and I struggling for breath.

Initially I thought it was my asthma but I'm not sure, I mean sometimes it definitely is, but not always. If it's my asthma I feel tight chested, start coughing, get an itchy feeling inside my lungs and in my teeth (random) and it's relieved with salbutamol. Other times I'm just out of breath, it takes me a long time to recover breathing normally and it doesn't respond to salbutamol.

I always use my salbutamol before exercise and playing sport and I use seretide twice a day. This feeling of not being able to catch my breath is putting me off pushing myself as it scares me. The fear of my asthma is scary enough but at least I know salbutamol will help, even if I need 4-6 puffs to gain control.

Any suggestions? Is it just because I'm unfit?

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  • It could be asthma. I have always hated getting out of breath. That's why I never liked arobic exercise! Swimming is good because you have to control your breathing. Walking is good and I do a lot of walking. I do like to ride my bike, but the last time I went, I had an attack, so I have been a bit worried about getting back on my bike. Exercise doesn't have to include getting out of breath. I wonder what everyone else thinks?

  • Thank you for your reply, sorry I haven't had chance to reply until now.

    Yes, I too hate feeling out of breath! I do enjoy swimming but it also tends to affect me. Sometimes my asthma starts, sometimes the same out of breathless without the tight chest thing.

  • Go see asthma nurse , I had similar thing and they added a tablet as well as two inhalers . It dose t seem like you are unfit as you excersise , I think you need to see someone soon x😇

  • Sorry I haven't replied until now.

    I'm worried about seeing the asthma nurse if I'm honest as they, and the GPs are all fairly rubbish! The asthma nurse told me not to worry about my asthma until my peak flow gets to 300 even though my best is 570. And that if I'm not wheezing then it can't be that bad, even though I don't tend to wheeze until I'm fairly bad. I just fear that because my symptoms are a bit vague, that I'll be dismissed and told it's in my head (which I've had before for a different medical problem which turned out to be very much not in my head)

    Out of interest, what tablets and inhalers were you given for the issue, and have they helped?

  • Don't worry we all go to the timescale we can cope with .Im so tired today .I have Siradupla and ventolin inhalers and the tablet is called Montelukast it works well for me .xx Hope that helps a bit take care 😇

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