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No nebuliser

Hi all new to this forum I am on a lot of different medication for my asthma i.e. Flixotide and seteride 500 accuhalers spiriva inhaler and a salomol inhaler also montelukast carbocisteine phyllicontin tablets when I am admitted to hospital which has been 8 times in 12 months three being in critical care the nebulisers etc work but once I am discharged after two weeks I go downhill with my asthma I have used my cousins nebuliser a few times as she is the same as me and I cope great at home using them but once I stop using hem I end up in hospital not long after I have spoken to my consultant many times regarding a home nebuliser and told her I use my cousins yet she will not give me one or even prescribe the nebules and I would buy one she says my asthma is too critical but surely if they work it would be the best option saves hospital visits anyone else have any experience like this thanks

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Hi there,

Nebulisers are a tricky subject for most doctors. I have one, but mostly because of my circumstances. However, The use of it is written into my Asthma plan, If I have to start using it, both the Junior and Senior Drug dealer (consultants) want to know about it. And I have to make appointments with them asap. But it is a life saver. The problem is, that research says that people with home nebulisers are more likely to die! because they did not get medical help quickly enough. Or at least that is what I was told. My take on the matter is that you are probably pretty sick in the first place in order to need a nebuliser!

I got my first nebuliser when I lived a long way from medical help and my uk gp at the time wasn't happy with me not having one at home, as it could take a long time for help to get to me.

I have a nebuliser now, because I live part of the time in Saudi Arabia and my doctors both there and UK don't trust the Saudi ER department not to kill me. (some one died recently because the on call pulmonologist was so bad and gave the wrong drugs). So if I am really sick I have my French Consultant in Saudi, who is lovely, (junior drug dealer) on Speed Dial and he meets me at the hospital, or we have discussion about what to do.

The Senior Drug dealer (who is in the UK) is very un-keen on me having the nebuliser at home, but also knows that it is necessary, but there all sorts of grim discussions about using it.

But to get back to your point, I see where your doctor is coming from, but is it easy to get appointments? I think you should ask to have the nebuliser written into your asthma plan, so that if you use it you call the the doctor. When I first had one, I was only given a few nebules, had to go back all the time if I needed more.

I think that may be you could ask to be referred to a tertiary asthma clinic, like heartlands, birmingham/ the RBH, to investigate if some of the new Biologic treatments could work for you. Having a nebuliser might be a short term solution, but really its about trying to get your asthma under better control and finding out what is causing you to have so many flare ups. For some people this is really hard, but sometimes it just requires some time and effort and a concerted investigation.



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Thanx for the advice Hun 👍

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