Asthma? Apparently not

Hi all desperate newbie here, after maybe 4 years of putting up with this annoying nocturnal cough, and not so helpful doctors I thought I'd come here. I've been asthmatic from a baby (was very early and under developed) with no allergies, I've gone through up to 2 months in hospital and numerous long term visits, to home nebulizers, to just inhalers alone. I went 7 years without an attack then for some reason my blue wasn't 'rescuing' me and my brown I classed as useless. I begged the doctors for 4 years for a review but I was told I was being silly. 3 doctors surgeries later I've been put on Duoresp Spiromax 160mg. Taste terrible but worth a try. It's stopped the wheezing and tightness however, I still can't sleep! I go to the doctor explain it feels like a tickle in the throat that's constant but it only happens when I lie down and only at night and always cough until I bring up phlegm, sleeping in the day doesn't work when ya have a 6 month old so napping is out of the question. Doc tells me its not asthma(!!!!!!!!!!) buy cough medicene... I've spent roughly £50 over the years in cough medicine this can't be some random cough that's magically cured by some cough syrup I've clearly missed out on... anyone else gone through this? Is this asthma? Or am I cursed with the night time cough... also the blue (which still rarely helps) does not help or relieve this night time cough... enlighten me fellow wheezers I'm going nuts :(

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  • Have you tried montilukast? It's a tablet which also has an antihistamine in it. I take it at night as and extra on top of high dose steroids during the day and it helps a little over night. Has done wonders for my 2 and 7yr olds night time cough. Xx

  • I was gonna say, both my kids have had montelukast in the past for nocturnal cough even though they don't have asthma, worked a treat.

  • Hello I have the same at night mine has improved since I started taking anti acid in the morning. This is according to my GP is because when laying down the acid returns causing the cough. I also have a night tablet with my inhailors. Changing my diet with lower fat content is also

    Helping. I am getting more sleep and although still wake up in morning coughing it is better. Hope yours improves

  • I am like this without my reflux and nasal spray medicine at night. I have inhalers and antihistamines too . i was told I had post nasal drip, causing cough and irritating stomach causing reflux. Before this I was on a load more inhalers which didn't help . Have you tried speaking to asthma uk nurses, they are awesome ❤️️

  • Thanks guys I have reflux which may be the culprit, going to try nasal spray and antiacid to see if it helps since I have been k own to have a nasal drip!

  • I can relate to your symptoms and maybe I think can shed some light. For the last 4 years I have been telling my Doctor that nothing really seems to help when it is needed. If I am supposed to actually feel something after using these meds I don't. I read where people swear by one of them and how well they breath right after, well not me. I am lucky I guess. I have lost a lobe from my right lung from cancer and i have been diagnosed with, COPD, PAD, Asthma, Emphysema, and sinus issues. I take the following medication, Spiriva Respimat, Symbicort, Montelukest, Albuterol through my nebulizer, and high doses of Prednisone when i just can't breath. That is it for breathing issues, I also take these meds every day for Acid Reflux, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and water pills to keep the edema under control. Sorry about the list but i wanted you to know what I am and have been on for about 3 years, maybe longer. I have made about 4 - 5 trips in previous years to a either private Urgent Care Facility or the ER at hospitals. My last ER trip to the hospital ended in the Doctor saying in a little dismay, it seemed, that he could not help me. He said i had no Pneumonia. He recommended to stay on current meds but to search for the right OTC Allergy medication, and maybe a combination of two, just read the ingredients on the box. Of all the things I have taken the Allergy medication is the one med I am confident I was missing. Sorry this is so LONG, but i don't you to have any questions when I am done. I am allergic to Ragweed - from June to December followed right away by Juniper from December to March. I really get bad, when under "attack" I can't always finish a sentence and my walk from my bedroom to the kitchen requires a "rest" to come return. Long story short I saw that ER Doctor in December 2016 and it is now June 2017 and i have not had any need for trips to the ER or Urgent Care. September through December will be the real test as that is when I am at my worst. I currenty can mow the lawn, keep the house pretty clean - you get the idea, I am doing pretty darn good. I am two different people when under the influence and when I am not. This is too long so I wan'y get into the vast difference. In addition my Doctor sent me to a "Speech" therapist, I know sounds strange but my Dr felt I am getting food, drink in my lungs and spend all my time coughing to get it out. There are two issues that cause that - there is a little valve that is to close when one swallows and the other one is called VCD that is where the vocal chord is closing when it should open and opens when it should not. That made and makes a lot of sense so I just started exercises at home and I will see how that goes in a few months. I did a Beryum Swallow (spelling?) test and it did show a slight valve closing issue. But to be honest I am doing real good right now thanks to two OTC Allergy Meds. Wal-Fex and Wal-itin. They are made by Walgreen's and there version of some other higher priced medications. I hope that helps and again sorry about the length of this. I will check back and see if you have questions.

    I had to add this - I found out I was constantly coughing because my sinuses were draining down my throat, I swear I can't feel it, but made me cough pretty bad until moved the mucus/flem. It is hard to try to get ones' message written without missing some vital info so if you or other readers see something that doesn't sound right - do not hesitate to reach out.

  • Happy you can find ally do things around the house... I too had to visit s speech therapist when I was younger but, nothing. I guess I should count my self luck it's jut asthma in my case but happy you beat cancer.

    I think I may have the doctors investigate the nasal drip again they thinks its cause I'm I'll but I've had it too long for it to be down to a cold!

  • Hi. I understood that doctors thought that OTC cough medicines were a waste of time & money. I have spells when I am coughing at night & the doctor prescribes a steroidal nasal spray. The first one was useless but the one he gives me now works a treat.

  • Do you find these nasal sprays work almost instantly? Was it for a drip? And do you think an OTC nasal spray could work in the meantime, since my doctor takes months of visits to decide whether she can be bothered to help me...

  • Mine didn't work properly for about a week I'd guess. The doctor called it post nasal drip. I can't comment about OTC nasal sprays but the pharmacist should know. Good luck!

  • check if u have reflux acidity. i go through same, after endoscopy i was told i am having GERD, which is causing the cough and burning sensation in throat.

    wishing you a speedy recovery

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