Good morning beautiful people how r u all this morning , think I might have to speak or c a doc sometime today as my chest not good started last night before bed don't know if anyone had the same but I get like a feeling in my chest like I'm sat in a room full of smoke I say it feels like someone has a pipe down my throat pumping smoke down into me I had this once before. And making my breathing bad up in night with it as well take care and have a good day despite the weather take care

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  • Hope you start feeling better soon. Miserable day wet and windy and also cold. Hope you get into see the doctor today and keep us informed of what is happening. Look after yourself Tracey xxxxxx

  • Will do nasty out there meant to b drying up for a few hours xxx

  • I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care

  • Thinking of you. Hugs.

  • Tracye, hey Red, have you been sneaking off to the Gambeling Casinos? Ha-ha, do you live in apt or building where you share common walls with your neighbor ? BTW, love ❤️ your red hair !!!!

  • Hi I live in a 3 bed house , yea red hair was a mad moment lol x

  • Tracye, the reason I ask, maybe a smoker lives next to you and it is leaking into your home ?

  • No they don't smoke

  • Did you go to the doctors yesterday Tracey? How are you?

  • I spoke to the nurse as they busy and she said to up the news and inhalers it did help and just rested she's ring me again today but feeling bit easier today x

  • So pleased you are feeling better. Take care xxxx

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