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Hello everyone my name is Helen I was diagnosed with Asthma last August and have been having symptoms everyday mainly being breathless since. Getting me down now. My problem is every time I come into contact with anyone that smokes even the vapour ones it affects my breathing even the smoke in the air I can't be near any smoker. I have stopped going out now because its so bad does anyone else suffer like this. I am on Fostair inhaler thanks

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  • I'm on fostair after switching from clenil

  • Cigarette smoke just stops my breathing I cannot be near someone who smells of cigarettes. Candles perfume all smelliest, are a no-no. I once said a lady I know your perfume is gorgeous but I must move away from you as you are stopping my breathing. And funnily enough fairy liquid floors is early days yet, but please do not stop going out as this could lead to depression. The golden rule to remember is never ever go out without your blue reliever inhaler. I am also on fostair

    Sorry I forgot to say a very warm welcome to our community 😘

  • Hi welcome to the group. I have the same problem as you I can't go near anyone who smokes and out on the street I wear a face mask but not one those cheap ones but full chemical protection one. It is the only way I can stop from being set by these silly people who still smoke.

  • Thanks for your comments i UST admit it is really getting me down I am starting to feel depressed about it as I feel it is getting worse. I now have my own room at work because people who smoke but the chemicals are in the air which affect me. Just wondering Asthma Tim what response you get off people when you wear a mask to go out and also where I can get one thanks

  • At first people would look at me and sometimes say something. That did poss me off at the start but now do not care because it is the only way I can prevent having a bad attack so stuff them. As for the for the chemicals in the work place I bought a little table top air filter machine and it has also help. I got both of them from Ebay at great prices. I hope that helps you. Hope gear from you soon.

  • You have to do what's write for you I am constantly covering my mouth with tissues to avoid the smoke. I live near a very busy main road and starting to think this is a problem as well such as air pollution with the constant steam of wagons.

  • Hi helenly, I think you should try to one of these mask as it has made a big difference to my life. Tissues do not work that wall at all. By not inhaling the bad gasses from cars and cigarettes you can stop your self from be affected by the fumes. Give it a go and do not worry what people think it is your health that must be protected. I hope that helps you.

  • Thanks asthma Tim you are right there isn't a day that goes by now were I am not affected it is everyday now. I will biy a chemical mask on Amazon and see how I get on thanks

  • Hi helenly,

    Welcome to the forum. Good to see that members of the community have already shared their collective wisdom about dealing with smoke.

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling down, Because you're still experiencing symptoms, it sounds like your asthma isn't back under control, so you could chat to one of our nurses or book a review with your GP. Please feel free to give our nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

    Take care,


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