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Tap Water & Asthma

Has anybody found that tap water affects their asthma? The reason i ask is that for the past 3 years my asthma has been the worst its ever been and ive developed really bad acid reflux to go with it. Ive been trying diffrerent things and racking my brains for the reason altough it all began with a bad bought of Bronchitis. Since then ive tried everything to get my asthma under control but I'm now covinced my tap water in Norwich Norfolk is treated in a different way with Chlorine or Chloramine. Everytime I drink the tap water I get asthma symptoms cough, phlegm chest tightening and Ive only worked this out this week. Needless to say that I'm now on bottled water.

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Haven't had that one but always filter mine 😊


Today I saw on a You tube video a man telling us that taking vitamin D3 got rid of his acid reflux. Also a high, but safe dose of vitamin D3 has kept my Husbands asthma away. In winter his asthma came back again, so we doubled his dose and the asthma went away again. Not saying this helps everyone ErnieErnie, but it certainly helped my husband.

Remembering that vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin.


I am slightly allergic to chlorine, swimming pools make my eyes stream really badly unless I get out and have a good shower to rid the pool chlorine... however I nearly always drink filtered water so haven't noticed anything other than that.... is it possible your allergic to chlorine and that's affecting your asthma?


Yes!.. I cannot drink tapwater for similar reasons to you & only ever drink bottled water. I cannot stand the chlorine smell, it literally takes my breath away, makes me gag, gives me an itchy/tickly throat, then cough.. so I will not drink it! I absolutely hate bathing in it too - the smell of chlorine almost suffocates me. It sounds dramatic but that's exactly what it does.

I also suffer from allergies & find that I can have an adverse reaction pretty quickly to certain things, so stay away from them. If the smell or taste immediately affect me, then that's enough of a warning...

Hopefully now you're on bottled, it will be much better for you in general & your asthma...



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