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Chest infections - how many are normal?


Just seem to have had a few chest infections but wondered how many a year are normal?

Had infections Aug 16, Sept 16, jan 17, apr 17 and think I am starting with another now.

Last year when I had pneumonia my gp wanted to get a CT scan but the hospital refused and changed it to an x-ray but by this point the infection had cleared (after about 2 months) so only confirmed asthma. We have no continued care with our GPs so nothing more came from this.

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Hi. Im now on my 3rd chest infection this year plus 2 before christmas . This time being the worst. I asked the doctor yesterday how many is normal but he didn't seem to bothered about the amount just gave advice on how best to avoid them. Like dont smoke, avoid fumes, pollen and increase vitamin d. Asthma has alot to answer for. They just keep chucking antibiotics and steriods at me and say come back next week.

So like I said I dont think its about how many its trying to avoid them. Hope this helped and you feel better soon.

-Butterfly- in reply to andy121

Ha ha like we hadn't thought of trying to avoid infections , gps sometimes have the best advice 😂

Sorry to hear you're in the same boat, rubbish isn't it!

I shall wait to see if this is definitely another infection before going for the usual pred and antibiotic cocktail.

Im no doctor but it sounds like you needed a longer antibiotics treatment my husband had same and he was diagnosed with broncietisis

-Butterfly- in reply to Hay1234

Did he have a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis? The GP last year seemed to want to find out why, since then, the other GPs I've seen don't seem bothered.

Hay1234 in reply to -Butterfly-

Yes then a camera

I had a CT scan and mild bronchiectasis was diagnosed. I have to have another scan soon and then see the consultant again.

-Butterfly- in reply to SheilaC

Is there's treatment for it?

The CT scan also showed small pockets of infection and I had sputum tests and was given doxycycline. After I had finished the pills, my appetite came back and I feel better. It can't be cured but I feel well looked after by the NHS. I found that one of the GPs is interested in respiratory problems and after I had pestered her a few times, she sent me for the scan and then referred me to the consultant. I had loads of blood tests and one showed that I am allergic to tree pollen but I had already worked that one out myself!

-Butterfly- in reply to SheilaC

Glad to hear your happy with the care you're getting and at least with a diagnosis and a consultant the risks and effects of further infection can be minimised.

Shame I don't feel as confident with the care I get 😔 and all GP sugeries nearby have a freeze on new patients so I can't move to a different one.

At my worst I used to get one every month then every three months and now every few years

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