Hope and inspiration

Hope and inspiration

Hi all

first time that I have written in this forum and the aim is chiefly to give asthma sufferers hope and inspiration.

In 2001 I became very ill with eusonfilic bronchitis. I was 55 then and I had just been promoted to a top job with 300 employees under me. I had never been ill in my life and coping with this illness was extremely stressful. I used to get four bad excarcebations in a year which meant I was ill for a whole year practicality, always coughing and constantly bringing up yellow phlegm. My medication was 20 mg methotrexate weekly and 40 mg prednisilone during excarcebation inhalers and avamys for my sinus. Also hay fever medication.

I managed to struggle during the years at work but retired at 60.

I'm much better now and improving as time goes by. I spend a lot of time travelling and focusing a lot of time with my hobbies which are canoeing trekking cycling and bird watching. Last year I climbed Snowdon and the year before I climbed Toubkal mountain in Morroco which is 4000 meters high.

I'm on an anti inflammatory diet, plenty of excerise and a stress free life.

I'm only getting two mild excarcebtion a year now and in a months time I'm coming off the methotrexate.

This is a message of hope and inspiration to people in this forum.

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  • Well done

  • That is great for you, I hope you continue to enjoy all your hobbies.

  • What is an anti inflammatory diet please?

  • Hi Sheila

    In my case part of my inflammatory diet are various foods that I think are helping my condition. I.e. All sorts of berries,pinaple,broccoli, celery walnut,salmon,turmeric and ginger.

    Google an anti inflammatory diet and you will get more information.

    Hope his is helpful



  • Fantastic, hope you continue to improve, never heard of an anti-inflammatory diet, will look at it

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