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We have been looking for a new carpet for our hallway, stairs and landing. I had quite a bad attack after visiting a carpet showroom and have now got cold feet about having the new carpet fitted. I know - before someone tells me - hard flooring would be better, however I can't bear the noise of my teenagers stomping up two flights of wooden stairs! What I'm looking for are tips to make the whole 'new carpet experience' as asthma attack free as possible. Hints please??

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  • Hi why not just carpet the stairs then and hard floor the rest, especially your bedroom? I can't really help with the carpet issues except to say that if you made sure you washed it thoroughly when it is laid it should get rid of any chemicals in it which may affect you.

    I would avoid a shag pile or any which could moult a lot. Good luck.

  • Hi Choristermum

    There's some information on our website about chemicals in new carpets sometimes triggering symptoms:

    A couple of suggestions, asking the carpet showroom to air it before it's brought to your home and making sure the rooms are well ventilated before and after installation.

    Hope that helps,


  • Great - thanks

  • I think you might have to go for a natural product, like wool, rather than the synthetics. Unfortunately, they are very expensive. However, once fitted and you've vacuumed the place a few times, the chemicals in synthetics shouldn't bother you anymore. It's the newness thing, I find.

  • Thanks - I've chosen a 100% wool one so hopefully that will limit any problem.

  • Hi Choristermum , After my wife getting dust mite allergies and me now having serve asthma I would never ever have carpet in my home but if is the noise that you wish to stop the sound there are cork floors which can reduce the noise in your house. We did these and it has made a big difference to our lives. I hope that helps.

  • Thanks - will bear that in mind. The current carpet doesn't seem to cause any problems - we keep it well vacuumed - I'm just concerned about having a new one.

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