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Can you share your unusual symptoms/ exercise issues, if you are on more than one med?

Are you tired all the time, like maybe an old person?

Do your muscles ache a little more than you feel they should after mild exercise?

Do you wake up tired and have an intolerance to really late nights or partying?

Are you suffering from every virus and infection perhaps one each 2 / 3 month cycle which can knock you out for a week or so.

Do you sometimes feel over tired and want to nap in the day?

Do you consistently feel the need to clear your throat ( chest ) of stuck sputum, sitting there?

My sputum gets stuck, when I clear or try to, its like a long growl, sometimes when the sputum is really stuck, I do a growl to clear it this is sometimes elongated and I feel faint and can sometimes collapse.

I am able to do Yoga but my recovery from a class is about a week.

I have not been to the gym for months after a bout of whooping cough.

I take Spiriva and Flutiform.

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That sounds very similar to what I get. Particularly that every single cold that comes along lands on my lungs.


You may find this has nothing to do with your asthma - you could have post viral fatigue or some other problem; only your GP can help you to find out why. Insist on more investigations until you have a reasonable answer. Good luck!


I agree with ChrissieMons , it sounds a lot like post viral fatigue syndrome or ME. I'm not a doctor, but I have a good friend who had post viral fatigue syndrome, and she experienced most of the symptoms you describe (except the sputum part). Talk to your doctor.


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