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Hi. My sister has had asthma all week. She phoned 111 early hours of Monday morning and was taken to pinderfields hospital by ambulance. She was let out about dinnertime on Monday. She was given steroids which she has taken 8 a day for the last 5 days. She has been also taking her blue spray about every 30 minutes. She is not well again today. Any Advice? I know it could be the weather but I am worried about her

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  • It sounds like you should head back to hospital or call 111. Particularly if she can't speak in full sentences without taking a breath.

    Let us know how's she's doing. I hope things improve soon.


  • Hi do you mean your sister is asthmatic and had an exacerbation? I emphasise with her as it's awful. Is she still wheezy or can't catch her breath?

    It could be just the steroid lows which many get after finishing a course of predisilone. I am affected by it and just feel very low and tired for 2/3 days afterwards. I have no energy and can barely move. My breathing is ok though.

    Don't take any chances though if she is still breathing badly and is wheezy and seek medical advice.

  • Hi, sorry to know about your sister's condition. Did you say she is taking her blue spray every 30 minutes? That amounts to about 48 inhalations in a day (24 hours)! That is way too many, in fact she is definitely overdosing. I suggest you immediately get emergency help. Hope your sister gets well soon.

  • fone for an ambulance and get her checked over

    that way she will get the treatment necessary to help her as it sounds like the steroids ant helped

    maybe a shot on a nebuliser might help

    I know when I was really poorly and was with my last doctor I was given 5/10 mins on the nebuliser and it sorted me out

    Hope she gets better soon

    keep us updated


  • Now she is on steroids I think she will start to feel better in a few days when they kick in. I have been really bad for over a week and only reason I didn't phone for ambulance on four occasions was that I have a cat and couldn't abandon her. I have now made arrangements if a similar situation arises. I was on antibiotics and steroids and have just finished the course. Breathing and coughing much better but now feel exhausted, weak and lifeless as have not been sleeping. I was using Ventolin a lot but I have found when you are really bad it doesn't seem to help. I am seeing doctor Thursday about getting a nebuliser because that seems to be the only thing that helps me when bad. Not available on NHS these days apparently - am I surprised!!! - but I am prepared to buy one as it is so scary when you can't breathe.

  • Hi Marilyn12 , I ended up buying my own neb £45 from chemist well worth the cost 😊

  • Hi Katiewoo, thanks for reply. Pleased to hear about price as I thought they were a lot more expensive. I will see what doctor says because obviously I will have to get the Salbutamol on prescription.

  • Yes I get them on script ☺

  • I got mine from Lloyd's chemist , I was expecting them to be a lot more expensive . A bit smaller than NHS one's but does the job .

  • Thanks for information re nebuliser. I will definitely be looking at Lloyds if doctor agrees it would be worthwhile me buying one and will prescribe the drug. I think this site is so helpful to us asthmatics.

  • Absolutely agree..well worth it.

  • My GPs always tell me when I can't breathe properly, that if the medication doesn't work in 48 hours to dial 999. In recent years it always has worked, but they give the advice every time.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your sister. How is she now?

  • hi. My sister is bit better. Still puffed but not wheezing.

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