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Hot and humid!

I hate the hot and humid weather! :( Everyone keeps saying don't moan about the heat but I feel like there's an elephant on my chest everyday! My office is horrible (I work in a hospital and you know how hot they are!), I've got an old desk fan which marginally helps but I'm not sure what else to do! Home is ok, I've got an air purifier which is literally the best money I've ever spent! And the house is generally cooler all the time!

Has anyone got any tips for coping with the summer? I have a long list of triggers so basically everything sets me off! I only got diagnosed a year ago but they think I've had it since childhood and it never got picked up!

I've just been put on Fostair Nexthaler and it has helped slightly, I was previously taking my ventolin at least 4 times a week! But getting a few side effects but the nurse seems to think they'll go after a few weeks!

Sorry for the long post, I'm just a bit frustrated at not being able to enjoy this weather! Thanks in advance! x

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I Hate hot weather to my asthma has been really bad all week in my opinion hot weather is fine if there is aircon but in the UK most work places don't have aircon. also it is always so humid which is just awful I much prefer winter and spring I personally can't wait for summer to end


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Interesting how we are all different! Air conditioning makes my asthma worse!


I love aircon I find hot stuffy air makes my asthma worse as it feels like there is no air. I like it when the air is cool.


Perhaps the old desk fan is making it worse by stirring up dust etc.? I myself find that fans make me worse u less I am in a virtually dust free room.

I use an air purifier (a small Homemedics one) next to me. Perhaps you could do this at work?

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I have paper patient notes in my office and these are soooo old and dusty! They no doubt make it worse, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it until the NHS go paperless (hahaha!), the cooler air helps, its definitely the warm humid air! My air purifier at home is amazing, so thanks will look at getting a desktop one too! :)


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